KXSC (formerly KSCR) is the independent, student run radio station of the University of Southern California. We are passionate about providing regular unique, high quality on-air programming as well as other forms of content including music reviews, event coverage, sports broadcasts, and photography. KXSC provides an educational experience and creative outlet for current students and alumni of USC. Members are able to utilize our resources to create what they want and serve their community with their own original vision. 

KXSC’s programming and content represents the unique voices of USC within the greater Los Angeles community. Our station is a staple at the university and in one of the largest cities and entertainment industry centers in the world. We are the student radio home of USC Athletics, and are proud to broadcast every USC football game. We support local and emerging artists and promote LA culture in addition to our coverage of USC events, artists, etc. 

Through our commitment to our work, KXSC creates lasting bonds and relationships between each of its members. The station is a home to many within the larger USC community and a place that students hold dear in their hearts long after their time at the station has ended. KXSC provides as much to its members as they wish to take from it. Just as much as we can serve as a home away from home for many, we can also provide a pre-professional opportunity. Involvement at the station can serve as a launching pad into the radio, music, and sports industries. 

KXSC is an inclusive organization that seeks to provide these chances to any and all who wish to take them. We are dedicated to always improving ourselves, our programming, and our methods so as best to serve our community.


Our History

KXSC traces its roots to the original KUSC, which was operated by students starting in 1946. KUSC transitioned to classical programming and moved off-campus in the mid-1970s, but students still demanded a broadcast voice. So on April 2, 1975, a dozen students gathered in a converted production studio to start KSCR, a radio station run by and for students.

KXSC underwent another evolution with our move to our current home in the Ronald Tutor Campus Center, but our overall approach to radio has remained the same: All-student run music, sports, talk, and news broadcasts that encourage diversity and a student-centric approach.

Over the past few years, KXSC has grown exponentially. Now comprised of over 70 DJs, 30 staff members, and 60 interns, we are undergoing yet another evolution as we continue to expand and become an increasingly prominent fixture on campus and in LA.

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