Who We Are, What We Do, & Why It Matters

  • We are the independent, student-run radio station of the University of Southern California and the Trojan community.
  • We provide students with hands-on broadcast experience, support emerging artists, promote Los Angeles culture, and document USC events.
  • We create unique educational opportunities for students, provide a supportive community for creative expression, and broadcast the sounds of USC to the world.

We Need Your Help

  • KXSC does not receive any guaranteed funding from USC, and every year we earn less and less from PSA underwriting donations. At the current rate, the station will be out of funds in just a few years. We need to make a change and that's where our fundraisers come in.
  • Student staff and DJs pay membership dues every semester, but we've never asked our listeners, supporters, the Los Angeles community, or our Trojan family to donate funds before. If you've ever enjoyed KXSC's programming and events, now is finally the time to give back.
  • When you donate, and become a member of KXSC, you are supporting more than a unique educational experience. College radio stations are shutting down all across the country, and this vital kind of independent nonprofit media organization is becoming endangered. KXSC members are investing in a sustainable future for college radio, which not only trains and empowers students, but promotes alternative culture, and provides a space for independent voices to be heard.

What We Need & What You Get

  • Any level donation makes you a member of KXSC! You'll be showered in appreciation, and gain personal access to the work of the station. Plus, you'll get all the warm fuzzy feelings of having joined a super rad club with exceptional taste in radio. Every little bit helps!

The Impact

  • Radios are one of the most accessible forms of technology, covering over 70% of the world’s population. Source: EFA Global Monitoring Report, 2012, p.290
  • Radio is still a very important medium in the world. We need creative, innovative students, just like those involved with KXSC, to lead the charge in developing radio.
  • Each week 26 million people listen to NPR programs and newscasts on 975 public radio stations nationwide. The NPR.org serves about 19 million visitors a month on web and digital platforms. Source: About NPR: Audience webpage
  • Given the ownership consolidation and standardization of commercial radio, noncommercial media matters more than ever, and public radio remains popular and vital. Many people at NPR got their start at college stations just like KXSC.
  • In 2012, 41.9% of the US population listend to internet radio on a monthly basis, and this number is projected to surpass 50% of the total population in 2015. Source: eMarketer Internet Radio Report, 2013, p.1
  • KXSC has been broadcasting online since 1997, and is committed to leveraging new technologies to reach its audience. The station helps students explore the future of radio first hand.

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Can't spare the funds? No worries. We're poor college students, and we understand. Plus, you can still help in other ways. Share our campaign with everyone you know, both in-person and online, and proudly let the world know that you SUPPORT COLLEGE RADIO!


* UPDATE 4/14/13 - W★W, we've reached our Indiegogo goal! Thank you to all who donated!!!

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