8th Annual KXSC FEST! Featuring

This year, KXSC Fest is out on McCarthy Quad! Join us for an awesome day of delicious food, crazy art, one of a kind vendors, and MUSIC!!!

The Lineup


Taylor McFerrin is a man of many talents, to say the least. His list of talents includes being a DJ, music producer, keyboardist and beat boxer. Although he is the oldest son of the popular classical conductor Bobby McFerrin, he is paving his own path of being a magnificent musician. He has one EP titled “Broken Vibes” released in 2006, and an album titled “Early Riser” released in 2014. Pitchfork has called him an “undeniable beauty,” while The Times of called him “a silver of intricate, sun-dappled, jazz-soaked electronica.” McFerrin has something for lovers of all genres. Get excited!

Taylor McFerrin on Facebook


Los Angeles based Mansions on the Moon has a pop-tinged synthy alternative aesthetic. Think along the lines of The Naked and Famous or Grouplove, or any other popular alternative group from around the beginning of this decade to get a taste of the electronic influence in the band's music. In other words, they sound like high school, but in a good way.

Mansions on the Moon on Facebook


Tennis System is a three-piece noisy rock outfit from Los Angeles. They make melancholic jams with a heavy dose of distortion. It’s LA noir music or “beach goth” as The Growlers put it – dark and depressed but inevitably influenced by the sunshine and surf of SoCal. TS is the less campy side of that spectrum rooted in mid-2000’s post-punk revival and post-hardcorish emo. The band’s latest release is the single “Here We Go,” and a recommended track off their last album, Technicolour Blind, is “Such a Drag.”

Tennis System on Facebook


Vox Waves is a band from Los Angeles that has been playing surf rock and psych punk since December 2010. Composed of, according to their Facebook, guys named Evan, Bryce, Brandon, Matteo and Destin, the band follows the tune of artists like Ty Segall, The Black Lips, and Jay Reatard in no bullshit, bare bones rock music. The band released their first album Controller on April 6th, 2013, which contained scorchers such as the eight-minute “Sanctuary” and “Benefit of the Doubt”. They followed this up effort in October of that same year with an EP entitled New House, which contained the title track and the Black Lips-esque blues garage jam “Wasting All My Time”. You can catch Vox Waves and a bunch of other awesome bands Saturday at KXSC Fest!

Vox Waves on Facebook


Lindy Vision is an all-girl electro and indie rock group originally from the deserts of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Formed on New Year’s Day, January 1st, 2014, the band is composed of sisters Carla (drums), Dee Dee (vocals/keyboard), and Natasha (guitar/vocals). Together, they strive to create “ethereal synth dreamscapes dressed with new wave shine,” according to their Facebook page. The band released their first EP Pink + Black in the summer of 2014, and followed it up with their first LP Luck + Life in the summer of last year. You can catch Lindy Vision and other amazing musicians on Saturday at KXSC Fest!

Lindy Vision on Facebook


Midnight Darling is an LA based band on the rise who has surfed the local music scene all the way over to KXSC Fest this Saturday. Their self-titled EP was released about a year ago, but they have most recently released 2 singles, “Work of an Artist” and “Going Nowhere.” Composed of 4 dudes, MidnightDarling delivers a psych-alt-rock combo you can jam out to or just sit back and relax to at KXSC this weekend. Check out their music on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, and make sure to see them live this weekend at Fest!

Midnight Darling on Facebook


Another LA based band hits KXSC Fest in the form of Bazaar Ensemble, whose music is self-described as “Middle Eastern Jazz Funk for soulful mystic booty shaking.” The band draws from a wide variety of influences, each of which can be distinctly noted in their music, but marries well in a blend of smooth ass tunes. No matter if you’ve never heard of half of the instruments they play (Oud? Cumbus Saz?) or if you don’t speak Hebrew, you’re sure to enjoy this Middle Eastern fusion jam session.

Bazaar Ensemble on Facebook

Art Booths and Vendors

Kogi BBQ Taco Truck
Replay Vintage Sunglasses
Coolhaus Ice Cream
The Bootleg Theater
I Must Draw



USC students only need to provide their USC ID for entry.

Map to McCarthy Quad

Past KXSC Fests

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