Welcome to the KXSC Intern and DJ shadow program application! It's great that you're here, we're looking forward to hopefully having you in the next class of KXSC DJs. 

The buttons to get started on this application are below; but first, a couple things:

We are kxsc.

We create hours of radio programming, put on shows, review and promote albums, air live sports games, not to mention hella other stuff. We have a staff of 30 USC students and over 60 DJs. At the core we're a radio station but also a group of music lovers who enjoy much more than just working together -- hanging out, going to concerts, and listening and talk about music. We're a good time, and we think you'll think so too. 

Application Specifics:

We are asking that you please, please give us your time and energy when applying to KXSC. We review all applications carefully. The amount of spots we have in our DJ Shadow program is dependent upon the amount of DJs who signed up for programming. The good news is, we have a ton of programming this semester and have a lot of spots to fill with people like you! 

The application begins below, please select which the genre of show you are interested in shadowing. To break them down:


These are shows that primarily air music based on a Genre or theme. We don't encourage variety shows, and instead prefer for the program to be consistent. This creates the best content. 


These shows are primarily interview based. DJs have incorporated musical themes in the past, but others focus strictly on life and culture. 


These are primarily talk shows about sports, but also may include opportunities for live sports broadcasting. 


On the application

We ask you to review the KXSC Fall Programming guide.

Please listen in to the programs this week and next to get a feel for the DJs and the music that they air. We try to provide as much information about the genre and format of the show in the programing guide, but it's essential that you listen to the show's broadcast once so that you know for sure. Make sure that you only apply to shadow a show that works with your schedule. Changes are difficult to make and may not be able to be accommodated. 

Of course, to listen to the KXSC live feed, just go to KXSC.org/listen.

THE DEADLINE FOR THE APPLICATION IS SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 17TH AT MIDNIGHTWe can not accept any late applications! Please get it in on time!!

YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED WITHIN A WEEK. DJ shadowing will begin on September 26th and last for six weeks. You are expected to only attend an hour of the show each week. You will coordinate this with your DJ if the show is longer than an hour. 

Together with your DJ, you will learn more about the music, the equipment of the studio, and hopefully understand how to put an awesome show together. 


Deep breath... we know this is a lot. 

If you have any questions, please contact Ryan Thompson, the intern coordinator at interncoord@kxsc.org.

And of course, stop by the station to meet people and say hello at any point over the week. We are located in the basement of the Tutor Campus Center, right in the center of campus. 


Select your application.


As we mentioned, there are three separate applications for different times of programming and shows. We ask that you only apply for one. To clarify: you are not locked into this format for your tenure as a DJ at KXSC, you will only learn about the studio and its operations from the perspective of this type of program. As a well-versed studio DJ, you will be able to switch formats when you apply to schedule your programming in the future.


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