6th Annual KXSC FEST! Featuring

This year, KXSC Fest is back outside! Join us for an awesome day of deliscious food, crazy art, one of a kind vendors, and MUSIC!!!

The Lineup


Chicago producers DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn (real names Rashad Harden and Morris Harper) have found themselves in an enviable position as international ambassadors of Chicago footwork. After years of touring the globe, DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn will bring their singular style of dance music to the USC campus.Expect to hear favorites from Double Cup as well as some killer reworks of popular hip-hop tracks, like the duo’sversion of G.O.O.D. Music’s “Mercy”.

DJ Rashad on Facebook


Sun Araw is the moniker of an ongoing project of Austin, Texas native Cameron Stallones. He now resides in Long Beach, where he records his swampy cocktails of psychedelic reggae and afrobeat out of a studio he built in his home. Stallones’ live show incorporates looping and onstage sound manipulation, lending his subtly tight compositions a loose and spontaneous feel.

Sun Araw on Facebook

Kirin J Callinan

We absolutely recommend that you sit down with a cool smoothie that has a plastic mermaid hanging off the edges plus a peanut butter sandwich and some straight-edge double stuf oreos and when you drink it down, dance to "Love Delay".

Kirin J Callinan on Facebook


Founded in 2009 by Silverlake’s Steven Carrera, Cigarette ‘Bums channel classic rock n roll favorites like The Sonics and The Stooges, but with the dexterity and competence of a well-oiled studio crew. With a handful of 7” singles & EPs under their belt, the ‘Bums have navigated their way into the heart of SoCal’s burgeoning garage & punk rock scene.

Cigarette Bums on Facebook


Andrea Adolph, Max Bussell, Sean Dwyer, and Luciano Russo make up Los Feliz-based quartet Breakfast, whose brand of ethereal synthpop has made them a fixture in the Los Angeles music scene. Their debut album, Sun/Moon, is equal parts gently psychedelic and slightly unsettling, full of electronic textures mixed with dramatic piano pop.The record is carried by the band’s unique blend of genres as well as Adolph’s powerful vocals and their interplay with those of her bandmates.

BREAKFAST on Facebook

Tempest Le Mans

Tempest le Mans started as the unofficial name for the songs Nathan Castiel would record at home, but grew into a band when he got together with his best friends. They’ve since been playing shows around LA and have a cassette release of their EP inthe works. Come see Tempest le Mans for some good vibes and catchy tunes.

Tempest Le Mans on Facebook


FoF Music

Art Booths and Vendors

Matt Q. Spangler
Pop Art Planet
Animated Balloon Installations by Radha Vishnubhotla Original footage from USC animation students + Misc. Found Footage
Projection Mapping by VT Productions, Lindsey Townley + Yoyo Lin
Tony B Conscious Art
Duoma LA
Mount Analog
Funky Catsterz and Spacetrash
Bandshite Buttons
Moon County Collective
Abbey Fox Vintage
Happy House Club Vintage

Campus Safety Regulations


We're pleased to announce that KXSC Fest is returning outdoors to E.F. Hutton Park! We are excited for the event and are working with campus security to make this a fun and safe event for everyone. All USC students with a USC ID can gain access, and if you're not a USC student all you need to do is RSVP on the Eventbrite to join in the fun!

Eventbrite: http://bit.ly/1gjZGkA


Map to E.F. Hutton Park/Founders Park

Past KXSC Fests

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