NEW ADDS: Solange, Kehlani, Guspy, Jenny Lewis, Hozier

NEW ADDS: Solange, Kehlani, Guspy, Jenny Lewis, Hozier

Yes, it's that time once again. We give you reviews of fresh, hot music that our DJs are vibing with. Won't keep you long here. You know the drill. But make sure to check out Xanthe Pajarillo's interview with Lady Lamb and Stina Chang's Kpop playlist, and Aida Rogers' conversation with The Koreatown Oddity, a fiery mix from DJ Gami, and more!! Enjoy the new tunes, stay safe. 

PLAYLIST: A Toast to My K-pop Youth

PLAYLIST: A Toast to My K-pop Youth

Here’s a playlist to help you out! This is your beginner guide to get to know the greatest bands and hits in K-pop history. To those who grew up listening to K-Pop tunes like me, this playlist is sure to fill you with nostalgia. Sometimes, we just need to turn back the clock and remind ourselves of our youth.

Lady Lamb Wants You To Feel That “Deep Love”

 Lady Lamb Wants You To Feel That “Deep Love”

Aly Spaltro started writing music in the basement of Bart and Greg’s DVD Explosion, an indie rental store in Brunswick, Maine. After the decision to release her music anonymously, she adopted the moniker Lady Lamb, which was taken from the random scribblings she made in her notebook while asleep. In the span of her eleven year career in music, she has toured with the likes of Kaki King, Neko Case, Beirut, Cuddle Magic, and Xenia Rubinos.

Mix by Derek Piotr

Had a lot of fun mashing this mix in for kxsc - the front end is ostensibly a remix of madonna's american life {oops}! here comes some sort of spiky microburst!!

Derek Piotr, artist


  1. madonna / american life

  2. music of islam - sufis / invocation

  3. chaka khan / like sugar (switch remix)

  4. derek piotr / ants

  5. mesh / victim lord

  6. wolf eyes / untitled (slicer)

  7. destiny’s child / bills, bills, bills (baht remix)

  8. c spencer yeh / voice ix

  9. midlake / young bride (roger o’donnell moog mix) david lewiston / hudjan mas (golden rain)

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