New Adds: Girlpool, Dyke Drama, Panda Bear, Sharon Van Etten

New Adds: Girlpool, Dyke Drama, Panda Bear, Sharon Van Etten

Greetings from music land!

Have you (if you live in the contiguous U.S.) been keeping warm in this rain/wind/polar vortex? How are the kids? That old already?! Golly, how time flies. Anyway, here are the freshest tunes we could find. Enjoy.


New Adds: Maggie Rogers, Pedro the Lion, TV-MA, DJ Richard, Planningtorock

What an Ugly, Beautiful World. Recently while visiting a friend at Cal State LA, I found a book in the library with this title. I did not open the book. I didn't think that it could compete with its name. 

Is this fair? I definitely judged a book by its cover, so strike one right there. Despite this, I didn't deem the book to be of poor quality. I decided that the sheer poetic quality of the title couldn't be topped. It won. 

Music isn't like this. We receive a steady stream of Compact Discs at KXSC, and I can safely say that an album cover has never looked "too good to listen to." In fact, many personal favorites have had the worst graphic design I've ever seen (not that I'm any expert).

All of this is to say: listen to these tunes!!

In The Wake: KXSC Remembers The Dead

With Spring Programming in its third week and the new semester rapidly overwhelming our every waking moment, we thought we’d take this final opportunity to acknowledge some of the towering figures our musical community lost in 2018. Featuring contributions from DJs, staff, and KXSC alumni - hope these move you to revisit some of your favorite artists and explore the work of those whose names are as-of-yet unfamiliar to you!

New Adds: Gautier Vizioz, The Midnight Contender, Varnish La Piscine, & Mat Kerekes

Ministry of Music truly appreciates your support and continued readership, even in long gaps between publication. Because we no longer have genre directors, we rely on DJ writing, and welcome freelance submissions of your reviews and writing. Please don't hesitate to reach out to Music Writing, even just to start a conversation.

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