Pre-Sleep Thoughts: Albums

For my next post I had planned on doing a write-up on the beautiful new Morning Benders album, the problem is that the album doesn’t come out until next week, March 9th. My ethical dilemma came when trying to figure out when the appropriate time was to post a review of an album that I “stole” off the Internet. I use the quotes because stealing in terms of digital music is used loosely in the fact that I use digital music as a test-drive for what I want to buy. It used to be that you only got to hear the singles on the radio and you had to base your decision of whether or not you wanted to purchase an entire $20 album, of usually 10+ songs, on just that one song. Looking back on that, it’s ridiculous; the new digital means of buying music is much more consumer friendly, but heavily exploited. Anyway, I will buy the Morning Benders album, Big Echo, when it comes out, but this brings me to the original question that kept me up late into the night. What is an album anymore?

And by that I mean, what makes it worth purchase? What does it mean to the consumer? For me, the album is a necessary experience to my favorite albums, sitting down with liner notes observing what the band wants to put in the booklet and what they don’t can give you a sense of what that certain band is about. Radiohead’s liner notes are filled with spacey drawings, usually symbolic of current political events. And since the release of Kid A, their liner notes have not included lyrics (A decision I don’t particularly like because Yorke can be hard to make out some/most of the time). Yorke has said that putting lyrics in liner notes emphasizes the voice when Radiohead wants the voice to be seen as another instrument, equal in importance to the bass, guitar, drums, etc. Another artist, Black Bear, put into the liner notes for his one album, personal photos of his current self or his childhood that pertains to each song, the lyrics were included and accompanied by his thoughts and inspirations to write the songs. This experience is highly more personal than the Radiohead lyrics, but what does it tell you about the artist? Black Bear is willing to fully open himself up to his fans, his listeners and wants that to be seen.

However, if you look at the latest Miley Cyrus liner notes, I’d be willing to bet her label typed the lyrics in with some cutesy font sprawled against some bright colors and pictures of her (maybe jumping! Or something else fun!). I can only laugh at the music industries inability to even try and deter the funds they are hemorrhaging. Album sales are at an all time low and the record industry isn’t even trying to make the album a valuable commodity to the listening experience. Seriously, how do generic pictures of Miley enhance the quality of the album? I want to believe that more people would be willing to purchase an album if it gave them more than what they are able to obtain online for free (the music), give us a reason, MIley, to go and buy your album, make it a quintessential part of the listening experience (Party in the U.S.A has so many deep meanings just waiting to be explored). The album should be personable, a glimpse into the inner psyche of a band that helps you learn about them as an artist and where the music you’re obsessing over comes from.

Yours Truly Presents: The Morning Benders "Excuses" from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

-Morning Benders review will be up soon-ish.

KSCR January Event Giveaways!

When In Rome – Movie Premiere (1/27)

Often times, the expression “When In Rome” is misused by powerful celebrities like Ron Burgundy.

  Well, we here at KSCR are not in the business of misinforming. Instead, we have Red Carpet Tickets for the Disney movie, “When in Rome” starring Kristen Bell (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Veronica Mars) and Josh Duhamel (Transformers) that we’re looking to give away!



The Premiere is on Wednesday, January 27th at 7:00pm. If anyone is interested, please respond via the blog or the KSCR Twitter with your name and e-mail address no later than Monday morning (1/25). 2 pairs of tickets to the red carpet premiere (actors will be there) await for the first listeners to respond. But it doesn’t end there, there are also another 5 pairs of tickets for runner-ups for an advanced screening so hit us up!


Drew Carey Benefit Show at The Hollywood Improv (1/24)


Movies not your thing? Well then, how about a comedy show at the legendary Hollywood Improv this Sunday (1/24) with Drew Carey (Whose Line Is It Anyway?, The Price Is Right) and 6 other really funny comedians! All proceeds will be donated to Relief International in aid of Haiti. Enjoy an evening of laughs while raising funds for a great cause!



Again, reply either to this message with your name and e-mail address or via the KSCR  Twitter.


And finally, since KSCR loves music, why not end this post with an appropriate song?


When In Rome – The Promise


Get Ready for Another Great Season of Programming here at KSCR.

Over and out.


CMJ Recap by Emilie: Day 2 pt. 1

Day 2: Wednesday October 21st   Andrew WK was the featured speaker today at the CMJ panels and I was super excited to hear what the man had to say since I listened to him a lot as an angsty high schooler. The scripted introduction before his entrance was promising and there was a wave of excitement throughout the room. Then Andrew himself walks out, fit, dressed all in white sans a bloody nose and begins his talk. What did he discuss? I’d like to know, because I have no fucking clue. The man bullshitted, used bigger words to bullshit more complicated ideas, ninja’ed a chair until it broke, then bullshitted some more. There was a Q&A section where individuals could come to a designated mic that sat in front of the stage and ask anything. Anything. Boy did they take advantage of that freedom. Topics that were inquired about:   “I have been in a band for 12 years and we really fit your style, will you take us on tour with you?” “I am in a band and here is some shwag,” he hands Andrew his album and some propaganda then continues with some lame and awkward joke about something to do with Andrew’s shadow. “Can you tell me how to party hardy?” “Will you tattoo my arm” (Seriously. This was asked from one out of two boys who were sitting front and center dressed exactly like Andrew was dressed. It was obvious that they are die hard fans and that Andrew’s presence has made their lives complete.) “Life is really hard right now, what advice can you give artists who have hit rock bottom and have nowhere to go? Who feel they cannot go on? What can you tell me?” A girl bravely asks in a trembling voice. And finally, “What is going on? I read in the CMJ booklet that you’d be talking about your perspectives and what not on the music industry and I’d really like to know what you came to speak about.”   But Andrew does not answer anything. If each question was a puddle, Andrew merely dances around without getting his feet wet. Finally he goes to the piano, calls up Wayne and Garth from the front row, and sings Party Hardy.   Big. Huge. Disappointment.   After the panel Ali, Jace, and I headed to the Cake Shop for the Terrorbird showcase and meet and greet. Spectre and Terrorbird are definitely my favorite promo companies at the moment, so meeting Eric from Spectre and Jessica Kizer from Terrorbird made me way too excited, like I was meeting celebrities.  

CMJ 09 - Atlas Sound and Broadcast

Just around 8 o' clock, we headed over to Brooklyn to catch Atlas Sound w/Broadcast and the guys that opened for them. Selmanaries (the aforementioned "guys.") underwhelmed.  But that may have been a keenly planned trap orchestrated by Broadcast.  Here's the setup. So there you are feeling underwhelmed after those "guys."  All of a sudden, the heavy beats and noise rock starts, accompanied by a trippy-as-hell abstract video installation mind-game thing. I gotta be honest.  My first thought was along the lines of "what the fuck?"  and my second thought was to flee for my life.  The second thought was supported by the earth-shaking bass.  I abandoned my friends Maura and Ali and headed to the my safety zone - the men's room.  Are you kidding?  The bass was not only earth-shaking, but also below-the-earth-toilet shaking.  Shit, these Broadcast kids are powerful.  I returned to the show and enjoyed the band and their video which may have been outtakes from the tape in The Ring.  I was convinced I was being brainwashed.  Broadcast finished, and my paranoia aside, were pretty impressive. Enter Bradford Cox, in what was one of the strangest and most engrossing shows I have witnessed.  He started off by tearing into some tracks off Logos, before taking a quick banter break.  I had this feeling like I was witnessing something special; he is a very sincere performer.  That's easy to appreciate these days.  My favorite track from the new album, "Walkabout" got a fascinating treatment: slowed-down, folk-tinged, and equally impressive as the studio version, I was completely invested in the show at this point. The thing is, it's not unique for me to be invested in a show.  It happens all the time. But that's where Cox really started to set himself apart.  I'll make it quick, but reread a couple of time for effect.  After starting a Velvet Underground cover that was "worth the wait" (there had been some time between songs), he promptly stopped the band, suggesting that that were off key.  He proceeded to take requests from the audience; some Atlas Sound songs (c'mon people), Rock Around the Clock, The Monster Mash (he almost played this, but claimed to have forgotten the tab sheet for it).  Here, he made iconic rock poses for pictures, played the intro to "Hattie Carroll" and basically used a couple songs' worth of time to hone his standup routine.  Honestly, it was pretty damn funny and a unique break from music.  He finished his set (which included the complete VU song), but the five-minute comedy break still sticks out as a memorable and enjoyable part of the show. The set was really strong, and very different from a Deerhunter set (he is Deerhunter's frontman if you didn't know.)  There was some folky stuff (harmonica included!), some psychy stuff, some noisy stuff, but it all put a new face on a familiar figure.  He also wasn't wearing a dress tonight. The whole time, all I could think is:  Bradford Cox is almost a genius.  He's the nerdy best friend you would think was a genius if you hadn't seen them behave under the slight influence of alcohol. I'll get some pictures of him up tomorrow.

CMJ 09: Day Two Panels

I know, I know, we skipped Day One.  It was crazy and hectic, and we'll save those stories for another time!  Right now, we gotta talk about Tag Zwei! Wednesday 10/21/2009 1:38 am - Karl and Jace startle their 50-year old foreign hostel-roommate by returning from Day One's events in the wee hours.  He speaks briefly in his native tongue, laughs, and falls back asleep. 9:19 am - Karl tells Jace to wake up because complimentary breakfast ends at 10.  Jace makes it with only seconds to spare.  Karl sleeps through breakfast. After 10, we actually started doing CMJ stuff.  Those two lightly comical anecdotes featured time-sensative plotlines, but now we'll just do a summary. KSCR Staff attended some decent panels today.  Jace learned a little bit about live performances and college campuses.  And how KSCR is actually pretty legit on this front.  Apparently, Stonybrook is not so great when it comes to the things...with the live...and the shows. Ali and Jace got to see a panel on exactly what the "youth of America" think about the major v. indie label dispute.  Apparently, we LOVE major labels, but wanna be careful not to sell out.  Which is okay because selling out and selling your soul are not(?) mutually exclusive.  Those kids were pretentious.  Or maybe I am.  Someone was pretentious in that situation. Emilie attended the creme de la creme of today's panels:  Andrew WK speaking off the cuff about random topics.   I spoke with her afterwords, and she seemed unimpressed.  I didn't see it but want to make a pun about his old stuff being better.  Can't make a connection, though. Karl may have slept through the entire day.  He's still beating John Scott, however, who has yet to arrive.  Pssh.  John Scott.  That guy thinks he's hot shit. Looks like we've got some good panels tomorrow, and to tell you the truth, there were more informative ones today, but I just wanted to try and make the Andrew WK joke.  Next time, I guess. Check us out tomorrow and we'll let you know how KSCR Staff Member Maura Klosterman's panel goes! -Jace

We're Heeeeerrre...

KSCR has officially arrived at CMJ! Well, 3/5 of us anyways.  How does that compromise thing work again? After navigating a sophisticated network of planes, trains, and automatic stairs, we found our selves in the heart of New York City!  Or maybe the appendix.  We were deprived of food and sleep. Still, in typical KSCR fashion, we set out undaunted...and in the wrong direction. After consulting with iPhone GPS, we got to check-in and picked up our stinkin' badges.  Success! So, here we are.  KSCR Los Angeles is taking over NYC and we're gonna give you the play-by-play right here at Bandwidth.  Stay tuned.

Announcing: HARD Haunted Mansion

It's almost here....

HARD Haunted Mansion 2009

The dance party impresarios who've brought you HARD New Year's Eve and HARD Summer Fest have heard the fans requests and announced their line-up for this year's HARD Haunted Mansion, a massive dance party taking place this Halloween at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, located just across the street from KSCR studios. Recognizing that one day just wasn't enough for a lineup this good, HARD Haunted Mansion has been extended into two days of the world's most premier DJs and electronic dance artists.

Headliners Justice  & Basement Jaxx will be joined by such heavyweights such as Deadmau5, 2ManyDJs, Crookers, A-Trak, The Bloody Beetroots, Major Lazer, Classixx, Modeselektor, Buraka Som Sistema, Zombie Nation, Steve Aoki, Destructo, Don Rimini, Shinichi Osawa and many many more!

For More information including HARD Updates, visit

See you there!

King Crimson- In the Court of the Crimson King

Awesome landmark prog-rock album from the 70s.  It's only five tracks, but you really get a little bit of everything.  I've posted the opening track.  It's probably the most accessible track on the record and plus it has some really mad saxophone parts. 21st Century Schizoid Man Buy this cuz it's awesome and prog rock needs more love.   Disclaimer: the same...

Comus- First Utterance

I just discovered this band.  They were another underlooked 70s band that played strange and dark psychedelic/progressive folk rock (or something weird like that).  Supposedly they only released two albums and this is their good one.  I haven't quite wrapped my head around this one... although it's good.  Unusual for its time to say the least. Diana Give it a few listens... it'll start to grow on you. Buy it! Disclaimer: Same as before.  This is meant to be promo material only!

The View From Nowhere 09-22-2009 (DOWNLOAD)

"The View From Nowhere" - Spinning an Eclectic Mix of House Music & Electro, Spanning the Most Soulful to the Most Distorted
Disney's Surrogates
The View From Nowhere on KSCR
Featured on KSCR Radio (,1560AM) Air Date: 09-22-2009 10pm-12:00am
Announcements: Touchstone Pictures...."SURROGATE" starring Bruce Willis (Release Date: 06/25) Nocturnal Wonderland featuring Ferry Corstein, Green Velvet, DJ Feadz, Rusko and many more! ( (06/26) VFN EXCLUSIVE! PREMIERE TRACK: Laberge - Before You Know ( Dim Mak Tuesdays @ Cinespace w/Staccatto, Lucianna & ThemJeans (09/22) AwesomeTown @ the Shortstop feat. Le Castlevania & Computer Club 1st Annual Ooh La La Festival Sponsored by KSCR & Goldenvoice ( Discotheque HARD Fridays featuring Annie Mac (
Photography & Event info Courtesy of Club Soda ( Ticket Giveaways Courtesy of Insomniac Events (
) and Walt Disney Studios
Right Click and Save As to Download: Part 1/1 Track List Playgroup - Make It Happen (ewan pearson remix) (Pre-Show Track) WDPK/VFN Intro Kish Mauve - Lose Control (Fred Falke Remix) Patrick Hernandz - Born to Be Alive Patrick Hernandz - Born to Be Alive (Benny Benassi remix) Auto-Repeat - Auto Disco (Soundhack Remix) Sébastien Léger - Off the Wall Treasure Fingers - Cross the Dancefloor (Chromeo Remix) Simian Mobile Disco - Hotdog (Cosmo Vitelli Remix) Mylo - Paris 400 Madonna vs. Cassius - Toop Toop Groove (Loo & Placido) Beatfreakz - Somebody's Watching Me PNAU - Baby (Breakbot Remix) Green Velvet - Shake and Pop LMFAO - I'm In LA Trick Usher - In this Club (MSTRKRFT remix) The Presets - This Boys In Love (Lifelike Remix) Empire of the Sun - Standing on the Shore (Lifelike Remix) Sebastien Tellier - L'amour et la Violence (Boys Noize Remix) Bingo Players - Get Up (Diplo remix) (sample) High Powered Boys - Hoes Get Down (sample) Sebastien Tellier - L'amour et la Violence (DJ Apt One remix) Daft Punk - Robot Rock Apollo 440 - Stop the Rock Laberge - Before You Know ( Navigators - Superstar Arrested Development - Mr. Wendal Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You DJ Falcon - So Much Love to Give

Moscow Olympics- Cut the World

Shoegaze/dream pop anyone?  This is a relatively new band from the Phillipines.  I haven't heard much about them, but they released this EP last year and it was pretty dope.  Check it out if you're a fan of Slowdive or Beach House. What is Left Unsaid Unfortunately, this EP seems to be sold out pretty much everywhere... so you should probably hit up ebay if you want a copy. Disclaimer:  Song is for promotional use only.  If the band wishes to have this song removed, please email us at

Tim Hecker- Harmony in Ultraviolet

Harmony in Ultraviolet I really like this album.  It sounds like washed-out, static, ambient, white noise.  Very beautiful in a calm and serene sort of way.  Tim Hecker is really a master of creating these unique and pleasant glitched up noises.  I'm not sure what else to say... check it out if you're a fan of Eluvium or Nadja or any of those similar sounding acts.  Dig it: Chimeras Spring Heeled Jack Flies Tonight It's gooooood stuff.  Want to hear more?  Then purchase it!  Disclaimer: If the artist does not wish to have his songs uploaded on this blog, please contact us at and we'll remove the links.     

Eat Skull- Wild and Inside

To kick off the new Bandwidth Blog, here's a few tracks from lo-fi sorta garage punk band.  It's simple but catchy.  They had a short set at Fuck Yeah Fest.  If you missed them, here's a few tracks to get you started: Stick To The Formula   Heaven's Stranger Be sure to check em' out at their myspace or better yet, buy some of their stuff here! Disclaimer: If the band does not wish to have their songs posted here, please email us at and we'll take it down immediately.

Anti-Listenable Consortium

Antipop Consortium Antipop Consortium Fluorescent Black Reviewed by Soundwave “Antipop Consortium returns, 7 years later.” When were they ever here? Who are these guys? Why do they feel that they have that big of a following? “Widely regarded as cutting-edge innovators to a broad spectrum of listeners.” To say they are innovative is only half of the story – tone deaf would be the other. Each song of their newest LP Fluorescent Black is filled with nonsensical, unobjective rhymes, heinously off key beats, and an undeserved bravado, which characterizes most independent rap groups of the modern hip-hop age. Relying on basic VST’s and basic drum kits, they seem to find a way to make almost every track unlistenable. The first track alone makes you want to snap the cd into little pieces to make sure that human ears will never be able to susceptible to its piercing frequency. Don’t get me wrong, I gave them several chances, all the way to track 11, but the rest of the album does not produce one song that is remotely radio worthy. Mediocre highlights include “New Jack Exterminator” a reminiscent boom-bap that almost made me have hope. “Reflections” is the only track I could tolerate, but the rhymes don’t make any sense. Even the title track “Fluorescent Black” has no deeper meaning. It seems that these guys took all the ideas of Little Brother, beats and synths from the UK and ended up failing special ed class. How did they even get this far?

Electro for your studies or the sunshine...

Cultura de Radio

Spinning balearic house tracks 24/7 from the island's pristine beaches, Ibiza Sonica Radio is the best chillout electro I've found on the net. Andy Wilson, founder of Sonica, moved to Ibiza ten years ago with the intention of starting a radio station after falling in love with the island's open air clubs in the late eightees. The DJs broadcast from various outdoor locations around the spanish isle with views of the countryside and pristine beaches. Ibiza Sonica's self proclaimed goal is the diversification and freedom of electronic music and, at its heart, "keeping the flavor of Ibiza alive." Groove out to the airy island inspired vibes while cramming that paper in leavey at 4:00 am... and for those of you 3G iphone lovers out there, my favorite free app is the live streaming "Ibiza Sonica 1.1"

Animal Collective Fonda Date Officially the 26th... Again

Has anybody been feeling a little dicked around by Ticketmaster? If you purchased a ticket for the Henry Fonda show with Animal Collective, Lucky Dragons, and Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, then you may have received an alert via e-mail/phone yesterday that the show was re-scheduled for Monday 2/23. If you changed your schedule, then you may like me be totally pissed off that another alert arrived this morning that the show was re-scheduled again to the date AC has on their Myspace, Thursday the 26th. We've already been through so many uncertainties and date changes. Ticketmaster really needs to get it together. I feel like I should at least be refunded my convenience fee.

Bicycle Thievery Near USC and Beyond

The USC campus has never been immune to bicycle thievery, but in the last month this has proved especially apparent. Within my small circle alone, two bicycle thefts and two wheel losses (unfortunately including my own) have occurred in the last month. Here are a few tips for novices and experts for prevention:
  • Get a great U-Lock. This article by Slate may be two years old, but the principle remains the same: not all locks were created equal. Another lesson learned is that security may come at a price. The Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-lock was the winner and can be found on Ebay for as low as $50. An investment, really, as the true value of a bicycle is not known until it's gone...
  • Even for short-term locking, use a cord lock in addition to the U-lock. Especially if you have quick-release wheels and even if you have a bolted-on wheel, an additional 15 seconds of locking really is worth it.
  • Lock through the frame, wheel, and to a rack, even if this means more walking to find an appropriate place. Pull the cord lock through your frame, front wheel, and to your lock.
Other guides to safe locking: SF Bicycle Coalition, eHow.

My Favorite Colo(u)r is Blu

Hello, Mellow, I know it's hard to love an ordinary fellow muses Blu, on the track "Melo" off of the mixtape Her Favorite Colo(u)r, dropped earlier this week. A leader in the reemergence of the Los Angeles underground hip-hop scene, Blu is hardly ordinary and extremely easy to love. Colo(u)r is a gem in the landscape of cluttered and over-produced internet mixtapes: simple, relaxed, and completely lacking in gunshots and sirens. It mixes samples ranging from the classic to the recent (including Billie Holiday, and a sequence from the 2004 movie "Closer") with Blu's meandering, laid-back flow reminiscent of Phife from the Tribe. The feel created is that of a sort of next generation Jazz rap; not quite as organic or ethereal, but just as poetic and honest. Blu's earlier work, on his debut album Below the Heavens, and his collaborations with Producer Mainframe under the name Johnson and Johnson, has shown Blu to be introspective and intelligent. His lyrics reflect a genuine concern for the state of the world, particularly the working youth. On top of that, he's local. Her Favorite Colo(u)r showcases Blu's growing talent and his maturity, still with the same flair for simple wisdom and multi-syllable rhymes. See I'm not the same as Lil' Wayne pleads Blu in the first verse of the songe "Untitled(LovedU)2".  In a world where autotune dominates (and in light of the release of "Prom Queen") I think we can all be grateful for that.

KSCR Presents... Gangi, Other Lives, Army Navy PHOTOS

My dear friend Charles Mallison, whose previous photos for KSCR have been a resounding success, has shared with me a fabulous photo set from our show on Saturday. See more full-sized pictures here. army navy with modest bling other lives bringing oklahoma to l.a. and also professing their love for pete carroll. gangi with colorful props.

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