Get Him (& Yourself) to the Greek!

Get Him To The Greek

Scene: Summer has begun, you're sitting at home browsing the computer, there's a distant hum that sounds like KSCR streaming online. In front of you is a Get Him To The Greek movie trailer. To your left is your instrument of choice. Suddenly, your favorite song appears and immediately, you're inspired to make some music, but alas, you are torn b/c you really want to book tickets to see "Get Him To The Greek" on June 4. Well, my friend, today is your lucky day b/c you can do both SIMULTANEOUSLY (...kind of)! Universal Pictures is hosting a cover song contest w/ Get Him To The Greek red carpet premiere tix as the prize! Details may be found here Get Him To The Greek comes out on June 4th and stars Jonah Hill, Russell Brand, + more! Trailer may be viewed here:

Dynamite Walls: Rising to the top...

Hailing from San Diego, the fresh sound of this up-and-coming band, which resembles a blend of Kings of Leon and Cold War Kids, is sure to explode through your speakers and light a spark that's impossible to put out. “You Ain’t That Special,” deadpans vocalist Tom Pritchard, in the bittersweet original track of the same name by his band, Dynamite Walls. It’s an accusatory sentiment that encapsulates the swagger and candor of a band that clearly is special. Pritchard and his cohorts specialize in smart, insinuating tunes that capture both the hopes and disillusionment of contemporary American life. Indeed, in an age of sledgehammer rhythms and infantile lyrics, Dynamite Walls’ original songs are so triumphantly nuanced, they restore one’s faith in intelligent pop-rock song craft. They played the Give Some Love Showcase at SXSW this year with Bedouin SoundClash and After Midnight Project. Check them out at their myspace: This is one musical explosion you don't want to miss! Featured on Luxury Wafers Live Sessions blog: Dynamite Walls - Mystery - Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

Mr. November.

With the changing of seasons comes another dismal opportunity to create a [brand new] playlist, befitting the not so sudden, and ever so slight drop in temperature that generally occurs as we plunge deeper into the year, and consequently deeper into that pile of leaves, which at USC is that mire of papers that has gathered around one's desk-- the intensity of it depending wholly on your personal level of procrastination, a direct measurement of exactly how many days you chose to dance in an inebriated state to M.G.M.T. (to whom no one has a reason to listen to except for the reason above) instead of doing work. Regardless, Matt Berninger may have been doing likewise in his younger days as he reflects back on the autumn season. The National- "Mr. November"   "I used to be carried in the arms of cheerleaders". With his cavernous deep voice and well carved cheekbones, it is not difficult to see understand why, as this lead singer proves awkward looks to be an unnecessary (although common) component to being frontman of an indie band. Kudos to those of you already familiar with the band, shaking your head to my cliche choice of song for said playlist, which is not so cliche at all with the exception of the title itself.. Those of you familiar with the band, but unaware of the existence of albums other than Boxer, should have their indie status examined. Those fully aware and fond of all albums, especially the Virginia EP, should lose their hipster status altogether... (I mean, half of the new EP wasn't even new). For those who've never heard the band, here's a chance to have a listen and redeem yourself: Have a listen, but if your immediate reaction is to add them as a friend, then you my friend, are behind the times. Dear reader, what are you doing with an active myspace and without a proper blog account? I guess that's what we're for. So stay tuned and keep reading.

Not only is he present, but he's our presiDENT


    It was close for a seco... haha not even close at all. Ludacris said it best: "And all you other politicians tryin' to hate on my man / Watch us win majority vote in every state on my man." Here's to everyone that voted! **cheers**

Thundercats, Ho!

The Black Kids “Look At Me (When I Rock Wichoo)” music video plays into my nostalgia for things that had little to nothing to do with my childhood perfectly. It’s nonstop montage homage to oldskool cartoons. The best part was probably the Thundercats turning head intro, with the Speed Racer driving scenes a close second. The power pop rock sound of the band would have caught me anyway (it’s so hooky) but coming across this music video has completely wooed me and my nerd love over. It’s just so kitschy I can’t get over it.


Save The Chimps!!! (By Listening to Buena Vista Social Club)

As I was doing my daily perusing around the internet I stumbled upon an article that shocked me.  It read

Chimps: Not Human, But Are They People?.

At first I clicked on the article expecting an article that would finally tell me that chimpanzees are just furry dwarves with hands for feet (something I always suspected after watching videos like this one)   But what I found out in the article was even more frightening than a chimp getting a haircut.  According to scientists, via WIRED magazine, the chimp population has now reached critical levels.  In recent years the number of chimps has fallen from 10,000 in West Africa to only a couple thousand.  I was appalled by what I had read and immediately needed to get a hold of the situation.  To help put things into perspective I listened to a band I had just discovered a band called Buena Vista Social Club.  A collection of all the great Cuban artists of the 40's and 50's they joined together in the late 90s with slide guitarist Ry Cooder to form this Cuban Super group.  Their afro-cuban beat helped me put things into perspective and realize that I can't do anything about the chimp population, but I can dance like an idiot in my apartment to "Candela".  So to help you forget your worries I am putting the song up here for your enjoyment.  Dance away.  


This has been pent up for a while but I have finally gotten up to the point where I have to put it out there.  Stevie Wonder is the man and everyone should know this!!  if you haven't heard his album Songs in the Key of Life it is definitely something that everyone needs to pick up and listen to!  There are too many good tracks on the album to count and each one is imaginative and creative in its own right.  It took him nearly three years to finish this massive double album ( an extra ep had to be included in the original pressing to fit all the songs on) it was definitely worth the time in the studio.  There are so many good tracks on the album but one of my favorites is a song called "Pastime Paradise".  Many of you may have heard a sample from this song in both Coolio's "Gansta's Paradise" and Weird Al's "Amish Paradise (I still like Weird Al's version better, thats right I said it), but here is the original which I think is definitely Wonder-Full(terrible pun but what do you expect?  its midnight).  Anyways take a listen.  

Elefante Gigante

In the past decade the record label Elephant Six has turned out some really great bands, but the odds are you've probably never heard of them.  If thats the case let me fill you in on some history.  Begun in 1993 by Robert Schneider, William Cullen Hart, Bill Doss, and Jeff Mangum it was only active until 2002 but in that small amount of time signed dozens of bands.  Some notable bands from the Label were/are Apples in Stereo, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Olivia Tremor Control, Of Montreal, Beulah, Circulatory System, The Sunshine Fix, Elf Power and many other notable side projects and off shoots.  These bands all had held the idea that they whould bring back music from the sixties and, to verying degrees, each band attempted to do so before either moving on or breaking up.  If you haven't already heard some of these bands here is your chance to hear some of my favorite songs by some of these artists. Enjoy! Apples in Stereo   Neutral Milk Hotel   Olivia Tremor Control   Of Montreal   Beulah   In case you enjoyed some of those videos you will be pleased to know that the Apples in Stereo (one of the founding bands of the label) brought back the Label in 2007. Elephant Six is back in business! Woot Woot.

Grrr...izzly Bear!

So this week has been a busy one.  I started my new job, had a midterm and needed to schedule a dentist appointment for my wisdom teeth to be removed, so its needless to say I haven't had much time to blog.  However I have had some time to check out some good new music.  My friend introduced to a song called "Knife" by the Brooklyn band "Grizzly Bear" and I have to say it is a song to behold.  Very ethereal and moody complete with haunting moans and crisp soft guitar in the background.  It sounds kinda like Radiohead "Kid A" but a little more poppy.  Heres the video for the song which has an extra dose of creepiness to it, which makes it even cooler. Enjoy.   p.s. Don't set your toaster oven to "dark" to make pop tarts.

A Millie (Obama Style)...and Some Sweet Reggae

So, I know everyone is really excited to know that there is yet another remix of Lil Wayne's "A Millie" floating around, to complement the 10-millie-on other ones out there. Well, there is. It's Obama style, and it's made by A.P.T. Hopefully Bangladesh won't be too offended... Here it is, check it out: Okay, so I won't blame you if you didn't listen to anything past the first 10 seconds, but you've gotta admit that was pretty funny. Now this one here is a little bit older, but it's actually one you might listen to a lot more times (I have). Vote for whoever you want, but this tune sure is catchy! Coco Tea - Barack Obama: To be fair, I did check around to see if there were any McCain songs. If you're interested, check out Jordan Rich's "Raisin' McCain."

Facing New York, from Berkeley, in Los Angeles

For a band whose name describes their striving to reach beyond the bounds of the local Bay Area music scene, Facing New York has done pretty well for themselves. In addition to numerous support slots throughout the country for bands like Cursive and Coheed and Cambria, their unique brand of progressive and post-rock has brought them as far as Japan to tour with Eastern Youth in 2006 and across all of Europe with RX Bandits in 2007.

On April 18th, the Bay Area boys were a little closer to home (376.9 miles from home, give or take) as they played at the Troubadour in Hollywood along with Los Angeles brethren The Outline and veterans of the KSCR concert series, Division Day. This was guitarist (also on Rhodes and vox) Matt Fazzi’s last Southern California show as a member of Facing New York.

The band, also comprised of lead vocalist Eric Frederic on keys and guitar, bassist Brandon Canchola and drummer Omar Cuellar, announced just weeks ago that Fazzi was leaving Facing New York and would be playing his last shows in Los Angeles and San Francisco. His reasons for leaving, though not fully disclosed, relate to an opportunity that recently presented itself to Fazzi, which “he’d be a damn fool to pass up.” FNY has assured fans that they are parting ways cordially and these shows would not be Fazzi’s last time on stage with them. This is not the first time fans or members of Facing New York have seen a founding member leave. Just two years ago, Rene Carranza went back to school at UC Berkeley, leaving Fazzi and Frederic to fill in on keys, and leaving Facing New York as a four-piece. Carranza joined his former band mates for the encore of Fazzi’s last show, in San Francisco the night following their Hollywood show.

Now as a three-piece, the band plans to begin recording in May, for their upcoming album – the first since their self-titled full-length release in 2005. As the band’s lineup and influences have fluctuated through the years, the next album promises to reflect the evolution of Facing New York and present new sounds and structures which they’ve been eager to share with their fans - and did so that night at the Troubadour.

Facing New York opened the show humbly with Frederic explaining, “We usually don’t do big intros.” Instead, they let the music speak for itself, beginning with syncopated hand-clapping and their signature duet of dueling drum kits as they introduced their fans to “All a This,” a song which they’d not yet played live and just recently debuted the demo of on their Myspace page. Similarly, I won’t say much more about the song or their performance of it and let the live footage speak for itself. I should warn you, however, that the video has the slight potential to cause nausea as well as seizures. You have YouTube user mojoerose and the fine lighting technicians at the Troubadour to thank for that. But for those not particularly sensitive to light or motion, click play and enjoy.

Another highlight was fan (yours truly included) favorite, “Full Turn,” which had the audience hanging on every beat, note, and riff. For much of the song the audience stood still, wide-eyed and open-jawed, anticipating parts of the song they knew so well, yet sounded and felt like a new experience live. And the rest of the time? Well, they rocked the hell out, of course.

Facing New York returns to Los Angeles on May 20th opening for Subtle at the Knitting Factory, before their US tour with RX Bandits and Portugal the Man.

Meanwhile, you can catch Eric Frederic's solo side project, Wallpaper. fresh from Coachella and playing gigs EVERY night this week all over Los Angeles, at hipster faves Check Yo' Ponytail and Club Moscow among others.

Kenny Loggins Trusts the Sh*t Out of His Son

At first glance, MTV's celebrity-offspring singing competition Rock the Cradle doesn't seem like much more than a third-rate American Idol knock off. The dueling karaoke numbers of these celebrities-by-default isn't helped much by the ludicrous over-hosting, the asinine judging panel, and the contestants' syrupy vows that they have what it takes to "make it" on their own (except, you know, for being the child of someone famous and getting on the show in the first place). This glorious train wreck of a television show does have one saving grace--the parents. Some of them have a bizarre synergistic relationship with their kids, as if it's another way to extend mom or dad's fame just a bit longer. Witness: the Dee and Jesse "Blaze" Snider tag team... Many of the parents appear at the live show taping to appraise their progeny's talents after they have been harshly judged by a blue-ribbon panel that includes Avril Lavigne's choreographer and the lead singer of the Go-Gos. And nearly all of them star in completely natural and fluid staged video packages, dispensing essential rock-star parental advice with varying degrees of verisimilitude. But at least everyone seems to genuinely care about each other amidst the wackiest jet set talent show ever conceived. It's nice to see Bobby Brown on TV again outside the context of an E! True Hollywood Story. Particularly sympathetic is Crosby "Son of Kenny" Loggins, who possesses a disarming humility (on silver spoons: "I used to get a lot of crap for what my dad did. I didn't care. 'Danger Zone' put food on my table.") that is incredibly out of place in RtC's world of whiz-bang presentation and contrived verbal sparring. Surely MTV knows this too and has prescribed some of the least convincing cockiness and the most unexpected bleep in TV history to give the family Loggins more "edge": Soft rockers don't swear! But at least they're setting a better example than Lil B. Sure! (son of obscure R&B veteran Al B. Sure!):

Mr. West "Gots ta Shine" at the Nokia

At the risk of making this page look like an 'I HEART KANYE' lovefest, we got some good news for all y'all Ye fans. Looks like the graduate will be bringing his good life and the "Glow in the Dark" tour to L.A. Here's the list of places where he'll show up for some fake sh*t. Yeah, you saw the sign right. We also like umbrella-ella-ellas, skaterboys, and superstars. YO! What if... nah... but... they were at that award show... YO! DAFT PUNK WILL BE THERE!!! Of course I'm kidding, but I'm also praying, wishing and dreaming. We might like Kanye (not as much as Kanye likes Kanye), but we love Daft Punk. Tickets go on sale Friday 2/15 at 10 am on ticketmaster. Here's the new (READ: creepy) "Flashing Lights" video while you wait to get your money right or, you know, wait for the tix to go on sale.

"Who gives a fuck about an 'Oxford Comma?'" We Do.

Vampire Weekend came to the Echo last night and they killed. These witty preps from NY played a great live set, effectively translating their unique sound onto a live stage with a ton of energy. Long live danceable bass lines, airy island guitars, and diverse rhythms. Oh! and that keyboard! The boys got some chops. Did I mention the wonderful lyrics? Hold on, I think I'm drooling. Indeed, there's a lot of buzz surrounding this band of four Columbia grads - so much that even MTV got an interview with Ezra, Rostam, Christopher, and Chris. The best part about all of this? Vampire Weekend doesn't even release their debut self-titled until January 29th. Granted, their notorious "Blue-CDR" of recorded full length promos was leaked and has been floating around the internet for awhile. But, that's a lot of hype for a band with no official LP. So, why all the buzz? Answer: Gloriously catchy tunes, excellent live shows, and a fresh sound. Say all you want about Paul Simon's Graceland, early Talking Heads, and African tribal music/drums. These kids can play fantastically well, and desearve the attention. Here's a video of "Mansard Roof": Pick of the set: "Oxford Comma." Vampire Weekend is out 1/29/08 on XL.

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