Moontower: a name that is common knowledge to USC students, and spreading like fire through a network of schools in Southern California and across the world, with their first single hitting over 100,000 plays in its first two weeks. Booking shows left and right, these three talented young musicians have had quite the atypical college semester - playing shows on boats in the San Diego harbor, booking numerous festivals, and attending record label meetings instead of studying for finals. However, as with most successful bands, there's a team behind the scenes making the rest of the magic happen. As Moontower always says, "There are three members in the band, but five members of Moontower".

To most, Moontower is just a catchy band that makes their feet move, but what many don't know are the ways the entire team is pushing the boundaries of what live music, and what being a band really means. These student's passions have ignited an augmented reality company, short films, and interactive stages… just the beginning of what is to come from Moontower.



Tom, a once a signed DJ who cultivates catchy electronic beats, met Devan - a Juilliard level flutist with long flowing brown hair - during their first week at USC. They started producing and writing music, eventually catching the eye, and friendship, of Jake. A catalyst for the creation of Moontower was a Lemaitre concert they attended together. Standing in awe within the crowd, the three said to each other that they wanted to create indie dance music that made others feel the way they felt in that moment. In the fragmentation stages over summer, Moontower's grounding was built by the hands of numerous USC students. A few notable names out of the many are Rocky (Racquel) Levia who helped with their creative direction - making their first logo and artwork - and Jamie Haberman who helped them get their ducks in a row in the ideation phase. This was the start of a trend for Moontower. As their network at USC grew, a slew of young, talented, and passionate students took on the project of Moontower and made it more than just a band, challenging what is expected from musicians.


Carina Glastris: Manager

"Shut up and stop worrying" is what the band recites as what Carina always tells them, because in their words "when she says she will do something - she does it … and when it gets done it's always better than we hoped it would be". Carina Glastris is a recent graduate of USC with a burning passion for her work and a radiant energy that ignites that passion in those lucky enough to be around her. Her involvement with Moontower began as help with branding, but during the initial meeting she started rattling off ideas and the band realized she contained the passion and drive they were looking for. Her initial mood boards she made for them blew the band away, leading them to take her on as creative direction. However, when she took on Moontower as a project, the band quickly started to see the dedication and knowledge she had push them forward in the music industry, leading them to increase her role to manager. Her housemates from this past year have become accustomed to Carina leaving the house regularly for Moontower meetings reaching past 1am, ordering 20 Amazon boxes to find "the perfect prop for the video", and daily screams of joy when Spotify updates Willam's play count. The band praises Carina's humble ability to understand what she doesn't know, and striving to gain that knowledge from those around her and surrounding herself with people who can help. "She knows how to be the coach, without being the quarterback", Tom said with a smile.

William Holywood: ???

William is one of the band's roommates who has been highlighted in "Pilot", a hilariously confusing psychedelic video to Moontower's song Marathon. William has moved many times in his life from places ranging from Czechoslovakia to middle-class suburbs. After starting his studies at USC, he ended up living with the band, but as he says, he simply "lives amongst them", mostly doing his own thing. The band was at first writing songs about William without his consent and took footage of him for Marathon by stalking him, which created a lot of animosity between him and the band. However, recently he has felt like their newer music speaks to him so has taken control of the videos - a hopeful bridge between a shaky relationship. William's next video in partnership with Moontower tells the true story of his nextdoor neighbor that he loves, or maybe he doesn't love.


Jacob Fishman: Production & Tour Manager, Director of Live Experience, Head of Touring and Product at Mercive

Jacob, better known as Fish, has been with the band from its creation, a consistent thread through their growth. He was living in Portland when Rocky called asking for help building a stage. Intrigued, Fish drove back to Los Angeles to work on the stage that day. He came back the next day to help, and then the next day... and has been back every day since. As a child, Fish was heavily involved in competitive robotics. He strived with physical creation of mechanical objects, yet a heavy influence to music and art pushed him towards live music experiences. The full stage that Moontower plays with, including the modular stage and lights, were built by him and Rocky. He also handles all the logistics of playing other venues, from unloading and loading the gear to mixing their music live. When he graduates, Fish dreams of packing his belongings into a single backpack, and hitting the road with Moontower to continue to restructure the current box live music is within.


Cam Lindsay: CEO of Mercive, partnership with Moontower

Fish remembers the moment when Cam had the idea to bring augmented reality into live music, excitedly asking how it would work, Cam replied, "Well, that's about all I've got right now". The idea was brought to life when Cam attended one of Moontower's shows and was blown away by its professionalism. For Cam, that show began to blur the line of what a professional was, and inspire him to work with Moontower as the starting point to creating his vision. The initial meetings consisted of conjuring up Fish and Cam's dream live performance, bursting the seams of current life music experiences. Reeling back their lofty ideas, they settled upon creating a 8ft by 10ft pod where two people could stand inside wearing a Mira Augmented Reality headset and Beats headphones to experience a three minute augmented reality experience catered to Moontower's song Marathon. The vast majority of people who entered had never experienced AR - not more than Pokemon Go - and their responses were overwhelmingly positive. Mercive has continued to expand their clientele, and has been accepted to be part of the Advanced Game Project at USC. Check out Mercive's experience at Moontower's show here.

Give Moontower's first single that is sweeping the world a listen on Spotify here.

Photo credits: Jacob Fishman, Carina Glastris, Anastasia Velicescu, Brittany Harper


"The Bear's Den" Tribute: No Use for a Name

It was announced this past Wednesday that Tony Sly, the lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter of the band No Use For A Name died suddenly (cause still undetermined). He was 41.

In 2005 KXSC DJ Barry Levine interviewed Tony at the Warped Tour. This coming Monday, August 6, Barry will re-run the interview, originally aired October 25, 2005, on The Bear's Den as a tribute to him.

Tune in this coming Monday from 6-8pm to The Bear's Den to celebrate the life of this unique voice of California punk rock.

KXSC Interview - Congorock

KXSC Interview - Congorock


From underground phenomenon to emerging star of the world's biggest dance floors: the hottest fresh face of international dance music hails from Italy: Congorock. In only two years, with the single Babylon, the remix of Somebody to Love (Boy George/Mark Ronson), and One (Swedish House Mafia), Rocco Rampino has earned the respect of the most famous names in the game. KXSC’s own DJ Ahmar had a chance to chat with Rocco on the first leg of his 2012 Summer Tour through North American.


How did you begin as a musician? Was this from an early age?

I started playing piano when I was 6. I grew up in a music environment because my dad was a music enthusiast who had all these keyboards and it was very natural for me to start playing piano. Then I followed some piano lessons and eventually started playing guitar in bands learning by myself. I wanted to play loud music because piano wasn’t loud enough for me. After bands, I decided to go on a solo project and try something by myself.


I understand punk music was one of your favorite genres. How did you have access to the music you were getting?

When I started listening to punk rock, there were no record stores in my village in Italy where you could get punk rock, so I bought many records from mail-order or through underground distributors. Back in that day, the internet wasn’t popular yet so I was placing my orders by phone or by mail.


I understand that your inspiration to begin producing music dance music came after first listening to the album “Rooty” by the Basement Jaxx

I think Basement Jaxx “Rooty” is the greatest dance album of all time. You know I love other artists like Daft Punk too, but looking at the whole album Rooty sounds like one great single after another. Also, I like the artwork and that album came out at the right time for me and reminds me of good memories.


What would you say was the turning point as a producer?

The Basement Jaxx album came out in 2001, but I also credit meeting Bob Rifo of the Bloody Beetroots many years later who showed me how to begin making dance music. Around 2007, a few months after I had met Bob who was teaching me how to produce dance music. I decided to make a song on my own and post it on a few music blogs like Discobelle. I got a message 2 days later from A-Trak who heard my song on Discobelle, wanting to sign me to Fool’s Gold Records.


You really seemed to reach a wide audience with your 2010 release “Babylon.” Was there a story behind making that song?

That track came out in a moment where I really was not inspired. For some reason at the time, it was the most experimental thing I had ever done. The day I wrote the song (a year before the actual release), the track was really experimental to me. I was trying to make tribal music sound aggressive. Maybe now it doesn’t seem so experimental because that sound became kind of popular, but at the time it sounded weird.


Not long ago you scored the Liu Kang theme for the recent Mortal Kombat game. What would you say are your favorite games to play?
Mass Effect is my favorite, but I also like The Elder Scrolls Skyrim and LA Noire


Any artists you’d like to collaborate with?

I’d really like to collaborate with Robyn. I’d also like to collaborate with Noah Lennox AKA Panda Bear from Animal Collective but I read somewhere he was working with Daft Punk so he’s probably taken :)


Would you ever be interested in collaborating with D.I.M. of Boys Noize records? It feels as if your sounds might work well together.

Yes, I really like the idea of working together with D.I.M., I think it would be interesting


Any new or upcoming artists you want to support?

I really believe NT89 is gonna be a DJ everybody is talking about. He’s young, has a great vision about his music and I think he’s gonna make great work in the next years.


With your latest release “Ivory” on Ultra Records, what can you tell us about the direction of your sound?

That’s another track I made without caring about any standard of club music. With Ivory, I did a track exactly the way I wanted and eventually it sounded very tribal, very percussive with a strong atmosphere and I really love the synth section. That seems to be my way, to make my songs sound a little bit exotic, but very loud and aggressive.


You’re starting on your North America tour this week with one of your first shows this Friday at the legendary Avalon in Hollywood for Control Fridays.

Yes, this is the first time I’ve done so many cities like this. This tour is exciting because I’m playing in so many cities I’ve never played before like Orlando, Mexico City and Victoria, BC.


Any cities you would love to play?

I hope to one day play in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I heard the shows there are real crazy. Hopefully I’ll get to play there, or maybe I’ll just make it there as a tourist.


What new projects can your fans expect coming out soon?

I’m doing a remix with Zedd, working on collaboration and finishing my album which should be coming out next fall.


We look forward to it, thank you!

Follow Congorock on Facebook - Twitter - Soundcloud

Congorock North American US Tour - Summer 2012

Thu June 7th – Yost Theater – Santa Ana, CA

Fri June 8th – Avalon – Hollywood, CA

Sat June 9th – Auditorio Las Americas – Mexico City

Sun June 10th - Upstairs Cabaret - Victoria, BC

Thu June 14th – Lit Ultra Bar – Philadelphia, PA

Fri June 15th – Vain Nightclub – Orlando, FL

Sat June 16th – SET – Miami, FL

Sun June 17th – Wavehouse – San Diego, CA

Thu June 21st – Beta – Denver, CO

Fri June 22nd – Kingdom – Austin, TX

Sat June 23rd – The Great Saltair – Magna, UT

Sun June 24th - Ocean Club - Quincy, MA


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"The Fighter" giveaway

Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, and Amy Adams star in The Fighter, a film that follows the real-life story of two brothers in the tumultuous world of boxing. "Mickey has the chance of a lifetime as he earns a shot at the world championship. But when his brother and dysfunctional family reenter his life, they must all reconcile their pasts and become more than just a family in name. The Figher is a moving and often humorous drama about fighting for the people you love." View the trailer here. THE GIVEAWAY KXSC has two passes to a screening set for Thursday, Dec. 2nd at LA Live (@7:30) and 3 prize packs that will include a movie poster, sweater, and earbuds! HOW TO WIN Tell us someone that you are thankful for (yes, Thanksgiving has passed but the spirit remains...sry if that sounds cheesy, yall). Reply via: Twitter (@KXSC), Facebook (, or in the comments below. (photo and quote from

KXSC To Broadcast Obama Rally!

ObamaListen up everyone! KXSC will be broadcasting President Obama's rally at USC LIVE Tomorrow, October 22, 2010! The rally is aimed to help gather support for Dem. Senator Barbara Boxer and gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown. Obama is scheduled to speak at USC at approximately 1:30 p.m. with the event to begin at 11:00 a.m. So don't forget to tune in on Friday! *photo courtesy of

Interview with the Street Dogs on 10/13

We'll be having an interview with Mike McColgan, leader of Boston Punk band The Street Dogs on The Bear's Den this Wednesday. This interview as recorded this past Saturday at the El Rey Theater where the Street Dogs were performing with Devil's Brigade, Flatfoot 56 and others. The Street Dogs have a new album out now from Hellcat Records. It's self-titled, but it's their fifth release. So tune in to The Bear's Den this Wednesday, Oct. 13, from 6-8 PM to hear what the Street Dogs have been up to.

"Never Let Me Go" Giveway!

"Never Let Me Go" is a critically acclaimed film based on the novel by Kazuo Ishiguro about "love, loss and hidden truths." The film has already garnered 4 star reviews from the Times, Vanity Fair, New York Observer, and Chicago Sun Times. "Never Let Me Go" stars Oscar nominees Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley; along with Andrew Garfield, who has starred in "Boy A," "Red Riding," and more recently, "The Social Network." The film centers around the lives of Kathy (Mulligan), Tommy (Garfield), and Ruth (Knightley) " a world and a time that feel familiar to us, but are not quite like anything we know. They spend their childhood at Hailsham, a seemingly idyllic English boarding school. When they leave the shelter of the school and the terrible truth of their fate is revealed to them, they must also confront the deep feelings of love, jealousy and betrayal that threaten to pull them apart." The film is directed by Mark Romanek of "One Hour Photo" and is an official selection of the Toronto Film Festival. According to Vanity Fair's Bruce Handy, "Never Let Me Go" is "the most cerebral and beautiful science fiction films since "2001: A Space Odyssey." "Never Let Me Go" was released Sept. 15, so go out and check out the film wonderful ladies and gents! Watch the trailer below! "Never Let Me Go" Trailer KXSC also wants to give YOU some FREE "Never Let Me Go" swag (including screening passes for "Never Let Me Go" + other films)! So be sure to check out KXSC's Twitter and Facebook pages on how to win! Twitter: Facebook: (photo credit:


After two successful films, Johnny Knoxville and the whole Jackass crew is back for their third, bigger, more badass film. This time, completing the trilogy in 3D!  Johnny Knoxville had this to say, "We're going to take the same 3D technology James Cameron used in Avatar and stick it up Steve O's butt. We're taking stupid to a whole new dimension." The film will hit theaters nationwide October 15th, 2010. To help get you pumped up for the film, KXSC is looking for USC's Ultimate Jackass! The contest will run from Oct. 2-12. All you need to do is call or tweet your dumbest JACKASS moments along with your favorite stunt from the show. The biggest fan will receive a bunch of JACKASS goodies including tickets to an advanced screening of the film! Call: 213- 545-1560 Tweet: @KXSCradio (twitter:

The View From Nowhere - September Mix

"The View From Nowhere" - Spinning an Eclectic Mix of House Music & Electro, Spanning the Most Soulful to the Most Distorted The View From Nowhere Featured on KSCR Radio (KXSC) (, 1560AM) Air Date: 09-15-2010 10pm-12:00am Right Click and Save As to Download:

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Track List Alex Smoke - Chica Wappa (Pre-Show Track) WDPK/VFN Intro Panthers - Goblin City (Holy Ghost / VFN Edit) Still Going - Still Going Theme Rocky Balboa - Be Who You Wanna Be Pryda - Melo Charlie Chaplin - Look Up Cosmos - Take Me With You (Toms Y2K 3D Edit) Digitalism - TV TV Siriusmo - Intro Kavinsky - Nightcall (Breakbot remix) Chromeo - Don't Turn the Lights On (Aeroplane remix) Simian Mobile Disco - It's the Beat Munk - Back Down (Cut Copy Jackmaster Remix) The Swiss - Bubble Bath Green Velvet presents Jamie Principle - LaLaLaLaLa (nside my head) Miami Horror - Sometimes (Universe Remix) Thony Ritz - Be Up The Black Ghosts - Any Way (Fake Blood mix) Grafton Primary - I Can Cook (Miami Horror Remix) Killa Queenz - Boyfriend (Dcup Remix) Kelis - Bossy (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Remix) Uffie - ADD ASUV (feat. Pharrell) (Armand Van Helden Remix) Phunky Data - Hard NightDuck Sauce - Barbra Streisand (Fare Soldi Remix) Daft Punk - Rollin' and Scratchin' Justice - Phantom Pt. 2 (Soulwax Nite Version) Strip Steve - Dancin' Auto-Repeat - Auto Disco (Soundhack Remix) Laidback Luke - Break Down the House Laidback Luke - Rocking with the Best (Acapella) Cirez D - On Off Tigercity - Are You Sensation (VHS Or Beta Remix) Madonnna - Holidayy Pierre De La Touche - Wanting You Lifelike - L.O.V.E. Is What You Need Depeche Mode - Everything Counts Tensnake - Coma Cat 40 Thieves - Don't Turn It Off (feat. Qzen) Yolanda Be Cool - Afro Nuts (Dcup Remix) Tiefschwarz - On Up Congorock - Babylon (Fare Soldi - Babbylorso Remix) Senta - French Fries Boris Dlugosch - Bangkok Etienne De Crecy - Welcome (Feat. The Bloody Beetroots) Deadmau5 - Moar Ghosts N Whatever Fatboy Slim - Push the Tempo (Acapella) VHS Or Beta - Feel It When You Know (Lucky Date Remix) Yuksek - Tonight Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You Digitalism - ZDRLT (Rewind) Evil Nine - They Live! (Felix Cartal Remix) Digitalism - Pogo (VFN's Mentalism Rework) Visitor - Los Feeling (Alan Braxe Remix) Aqua - Doctor Jones (Post-Show Track) "It’s about stuff that’s exciting but that isn’t there, so you have to move, which makes you travel, discover things, dream of escapes, and it makes you excited and sad at the same time." -Jens Moelle

Featured Artist: Thony Ritz - "Be Up" NEW ALBUM "Night City" - OUT NOW! © DuoPhonix “The View From Nowhere” is a weekly show airing on KSCR Radio in Los Angeles

FYF Fest Maintains DIY Roots

By now, I’m sure we’ve all heard of Sean Carlson’s naïve, yet blossoming music festival, FYF Fest. Omnipresent dust bowls created by Titus Andronicus mosh pits, Big Freedia booty poppin, oppressive heat, unforgiving water lines, disorganization perpetuated by lost guest lists, Mountain Goats, and Panda Bear. The good, the bad, and the ugly, were all present and those reviews have become as ubiquitous as the Local Natives mustache trend.

Aside from all of those mice (really, a mouse ran across from me while I was sitting) and men, a covert mix of DIY organizations were present at the festival maintaining FYF Fest’s overarching ideal of collaboration and communalism. Underground organizations such as FMLY, Paus, and L.A. Record harkened back to the roots of FYF Fest’s original intention.

FMLY, with their tagline “those who were strangers have turned into friends,” strives to resurrect (or create, perhaps?) a socially conscious community within the sometimes obnoxious and overwhelming L.A. community. They are most notable for their concerts sprinkled throughout L.A., bike rides, music collective, and art awareness. A fusion of sorts, the easiest way to categorize them, in their words, is a “big group hug.” A handful of artists from FMLY have been played on KXSC and there have been a couple of in-studios aired on KXSC! Find out more about FMLY at

Paus, a fairly new arts collective, brings free arts & crafts to Los Angeles shows and events. They are often at FMLY events with face paints and other various arts supplies that will bring you back to a time when gluing macaroni on construction paper was your main concern. To find out where Paus is going to be next, find them at

Finally, the most established of them all is L.A. Record, an independent music publication. The periodical contains facets of any other music periodical such as album reviews, concert reviews, interviews, and concert photography. Their uniqueness though stems from a dedication to the music scene in L.A. that is not readily visible. If you enjoyed the random eclectic line-up at FYF Fest, I guarantee you will enjoy the contents of L.A. Record. With a constant rush of new music coming out, L.A. Record highlights some of the best new music and helps you sift through the mountain of shoegaze-jungle-garage-rock-psychedelic-meme-adfhsf. is the place to be (plus you may have seen them at this past year’s KXSC’s fest!).

Though we are all pushing for Mr. Carlson to install more porta-potties and free water fountains, we can take solace in his unwavering commitment to pushing DIY-based organizations and mentalities to the forefront.

Highlights of FYF


One of Sub Pop’s new indie darlings, Vetiver was the act that opened my day at FYF. Vetiver is one of those bands that’s really difficult to place within the constraints of a genre. I had never heard of them before, so I asked nearby neighbors about their sound and got a collection of responses: “ambiently sorrowful,” “indie electro-folk,” “somber and beautiful,” and, my personal favorite, “like a soft sweater hug”. Their show did an excellent job of melding all of these descriptions into a single, semi-coherent idea. Vetiver was subdued and epic, putting a far-reaching energy into their soft, minimalistic songs that reached all the way from the stage to the single water fountain in the park. While definitely more suited to night-time listening than the 2 o’clock-my-face-is-melting-from-the-heat time slot they received, I would jump at another opportunity to get another Vetiver-sweater hug.


Warpaint opened their show with a sprawling, powerful attack on the crowd that was still being lulled to peace by the Vetiver act. Their 10-minute opener destroyed the complacency that had settled over their audience, and was the coolest thing about the show. It was energetic, huge, and entrancing, pushing walls of shoegaze guitar and pulsing bass at everyone within earshot. While I felt that they lost some of their steam once they began playing the rest of their set, that first song alone started getting me pumped about the entire day, which is no easy feat in the heat of the day.

Best Coast

FYF Fest was a collection of bands that really didn’t belong on the same bill, which is partly what made it so awesome. The biggest exception I can think of, however, was Best Coast. Best Coast is possibly the most summer-y sounding band since Sufing-era Beach Boys, and for a festival poised to send off summer with a bang, Best Coast absolutely belonged at FYF. If you went to Best Coast hoping for those fleeting feelings of summer, they absolutely delivered. Frontwoman Bethany Cosentino stood perched in front of fuzzed-out Orange stacks, asked the audience to return her floppy sun hat if it were to fly away (it didn’t), and managed to transport everyone in the audience to the first week after middle school got out. It was simple lofi surfer rock done right, and as the day started cooling off and the wind started rolling in—which I’m convinced ocean breezes conjured by Cosentino’s coy vocals—Best Coast established FYF in my mind as the last great festival of the summer.

Titus Andronicus

Titus Andronicus was my favorite show of FYF Fest for three reasons: Dusty. Moshing. Hipsters. All the previous shows I had seen were fun, but the typical detached behavior of simply standing around and listening to a band with crossed arms was prevalent. I was worried it would happen again for Titus, a band that easily crosses the line between angsty and angry. But I had nothing to worry about, for by the second or third song, there was a throng of 30 or 40 people at the front of the stage moshing their hearts out. The desert dust filled everyone’s lungs, throats, and noses, but it stopped absolutely no one from singing, jumping, and yelling their hearts out. And between the emotive frontman, enthusiastic bassist, and the electric violinist who looked like she was having the time of her life, it was clear that the band was just as into it as the crowd was. The last song resulted in a massive crowd group hug (which you can see on the FYF photo album posted below) before dissolving in a blur of plaid and v-necks. Titus Andronicus had me coughing up the desert for days after FYF, but I would have paid entry fees to see that show alone.

Local Natives

I had seen (and loved) Local Natives at Coachella earlier this spring, so I thought I knew what we were in store for when they took the main stage at 5:45. I was hot and exhausted from the Titus set, but I loved Local Natives and there was no way I was going to miss them. Almost as if rewarding my dedication, moments before the Local Natives, the sun started setting behind the stage and the temperature must have dropped 60 degrees. A steady breeze overcame the crowd. The Natives walked out and burst into “Camera Talk”. And fell in love with this band once more. Despite the melodic, layered rock feel, they carried the show with all the presence of arena rock stars (without the egos!). It was their first day back home in LA, and they played like they were the most grateful musicians there that day. The keyboardist even burst out between songs, “You guys give me a reason to live!” before laughing it off and going into their (very awesome) Talking Heads cover, “Warning Sign”. The band played strong and enthusiastically, welcoming the sunset and closing their set with the very appropriate “Sun Hands”. Even though I’d played the album umpteen billion times over the summer, even though I’d seen them live before, their show made it all seem new and fresh once again.

Ted Leo and the Rx

Ted Leo’s band was one of the more established acts rounding out the playlist, originally coming from the late 90s. But Ted Leo has kept active, putting an album out in March this year, and his act showed it. Despite countless technical screw ups that were not the fault of the band, including busted speakers, falling mic stands, and bad wiring, Ted Leo stayed professional and put out a great show. The band played tight and fast, pumping out their energetic indie punk like a well-oiled machine. My main complaint was that the energy of the crowd (read: the mosh pit) was completely absent from these very deserving musicians. With the exception of a few isolated audience members, most people were standing perfectly still, which is truly an affront to punk of any variety. But unfortunately, that seemed to be the theme of Ted Leo’s set: the band putting out a great performance while everything fell to pieces around them. If you get a chance to see them, do it; but make sure you slip some Red Bulls into everyone’s drink first, because seeing these guys without a jumpy crowd really sucks the fun out of it.

The Mountain Goats

Speaking of established acts, how about those Mountain Goats? After missing about half the first song due to technical mishaps, John Darnielle and company powered through almost an hour of acoustic folk rock. The delivery of everything was perfect: just the right amount of tongue-in-cheek humor, just the right amount of the actual sadness that lies behind much of Darnielle’s heartwrenching lyrics, and an intense professed love for the upcoming band, Sleep. I’m still not sure if that was supposed to be ironic or not. Regardless, The Mountain Goats carried through their power-trio folk with all the excitement of a band who knew that they were in an absolutely bizarre place in the set list (between indie punk and stoner metal) and thought it was awesome. The end result was a great, energetic set that got the crowd going and kind of summarized the idea of FYF as a festival that worked because the bands didn’t really belong together.

Sweat. Dust. FYF.

The sun beat down on me relentlessly with a coy smile from the piercing blue skyline.

I was dripping sweat (a phenomenon that I thought that I had escaped when I left Virginia) and squinting (I would forget my sunglasses).

My eyes were bombarded with plaid, skinny jeans, RayBans, distressed tank tops, and random items that looked like they had been hiding go seek in a thrift store for years (aka the various FYF uniform varieties).

Hundreds of LAers surrounded me. In front of me. Behind me. Beside me.

Me and the rest of KXSC had been standing in line for near an hour...anxiously awaiting our time to get to the front of a never-ending line and pass through a chain link fence that separated us from LA Historical Park.

It was 12:53PM.

53 minutes down. 11 hours and 7 minutes to go.

Hell to the f@!king yeah. Bring it on.

As with any memorable experience, I have difficulty limiting my words. There just seems to be an overwhelming abundance of stories within the story to tell (luckily I had my handy-dandy iPhone to shamelessly tweet 140 characters throughout the day and sleek Canon PowerShot to capture every moment I remembered to).

But, I am afraid that it will be impossible to recreate my 12 hours at FYF.

Even with a blog, little birdy, and memory catcher on my side.

So, in a few words: My time at FYF was as close to heaven that my kind (music-fiends slash DJs slash radio staff members) can get.

You would think…

That the endless lines would deter me (1hr to get in, 1.5 hrs to get food, 45+min to refill my $4 bottle of water…there was only ONE water fountain in the ENTIRE park…but that is another rant all together).

That the heat would frustrate me.

That the dust filling my lungs (especially when moshing) would anger me.

Nope. None of the above.

Rather, they all added to the experience.

It was as if every line I stood in, every droplet of perspiration that ran down my neck, and every cough that jumped from my mouth were wars to be won. And as the day proceeded, my ears were constantly rewarded for braving the elements.

While the Fest was filled with incredible talent that is sadly (or luckily…depending on how you look at it) underrated, I must say that:

Titus Andronicus + Local Natives + Dead Man's Bones + Mountain Goats = a smile that is still glued to my face.

All bands that I had never listened to. All bands that I left craving their entire discography.

Titus Andronicus gave me my first mosh pit experience. I was blowing dirt out of my nose for the next 24 hours and couldn’t talk, but it didn’t matter. I am proud to say that my personal fitness regime served me well and I held my own with the rowdy boys.

Local Natives had me tapping my feet and closing my eyes. They provided an escape to someplace where the California sun never leaves the sky and worries are a waste of time.

Dead Man’s Bones, first and foremost equals Ryan Gosling. Delightful. In addition, they made me realize that a child choir CAN be a good thing. But, only if they are dressed up in quirky costumes of iconic actors/musicians/fictional characters, that is.

Mountain Goats nearly brought tears to my eyes. This was truly the highlight of FYF for me. I had lost of my friends and, consequently, was standing alone. But this was okay because I kind of lost myself during their set as well. Never in my life had such horribly depressing music made me so incredibly happy.

The energy of all four electrified me. Which, in my opinion, is what separates great music from good music. What distinguishes artists from groups/artists.

If music can make you feel, well then, it has served its purpose.

I expected to leave FYF Fest with a few new favorite bands, a sweet tan, and a greater appreciation for the LA music scene.

I left FYF Fest as an avid fan that was unable to talk because a pound of dirt was lodged in my throat, had a horrendous tan line, and could barely move from sheer exhaustion. But, more than anything, I left FYF in sheer awe...feeling more alive than I had in months. And, for that, I feel blessed to have been in attendance.

PS: For those in need of more awesomeness…here is the link to my shameless tweets. Tasty. September 4th is the date you are looking for.

PPS: Photos are rad too. Yes. You can download these. In full size.

New Name, New Home

Welcome back to Fall semester! KSCR has a new home in the Ronald Tutor Campus center and a new name: KXSC! While we hadn't planned on changing our name (we did so as a result of a duplication with a commercial station), we are stoked to be representing USC with new call letters, a new venue (Tommy's Place) and a brand new home complete with schmancy new equipment. So what can you expect from us this year? We will continue to provide the quality programming and events that you expect as well as ticket giveaways to yr favorite shows, live on-air interviews + weekly free shows courtesy of The Live Show, the much anticipated KXSC Fest and much more! Oh look, here's our Facebook fanpage and Twitter. Are you following us yet? Are you? Arrrrr yoooh? If yr feeling overwhelmed by all this change right now, let these pictures from our Grand Opening calm yr soul (and peep the full album on our FB here): *Photos by Heather D’Augustine

The View From Nowhere 2nd Year Anniversary Show (DOWNLOAD)

"The View From Nowhere" - Spinning an Eclectic Mix of House Music & Electro, Spanning the Most Soulful to the Most Distorted 2nd Anniversary Episode The View From Nowhere 2nd Year Anniversary Edition Featured on KSCR Radio (,1560AM) Air Date: 07-01-2010 8pm-12:00am Location: Underground Café In Studio Guests: DJ Soca (, Joker Pace ( Number 9 (, Glitch ( Info: This episode marks two important milestones. First, the View From Nowhere celebrates 2 years of musical bliss with its anniversary edition. Second, after 26 years, KSCR is moving from its original location to its brand new studios. Thank you to everyone that has supported the show. Music Sounds Better With You. - VFN Right Click and Save As to Download: Part 1/2 (VFN Mix) DOWNLOAD Part 2/2 (DJ Soca Mix & VFN Finale) DOWNLOAD Tracklist VFN/WDPK Intro Willy Wonka – Pure Imagination Intro (WDPK Bootleg) Annie – Anthonio (Fred Falke remix) Alexander Pope – Eloisa to Abelard (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) Deadmau5 – Strobe LCD Soundsystem – Get Innocuous (Soulwax Remix) (sample) Pryda – Balaton Pryda – Frankfurt Tyler Durden – You Are Not Your Job Ray Mang – Look Into My Eyes Joel Goodson – Time Of Your Life (Risky Business) Mario Basanov – Do You Remember (Arithmatix Mix) House of House – Rushing to Paradise Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey (DF’s Attention Vocal Mix) Sébastien Tellier – L’amour et la Violence (Boys Noize Euro Mix) Bingo Players – Get Up (Diplo Remix) (sample) Crookers – Gypsy P Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup – We No Speak Americano Simian Mobile Disco – It’s the Beat (sample) Paul Johnson – Summer Heat Gary’s Gang – Do it at the Disco Gramophonedzie – Brazilian Gramophonedzie – Why Don’t You Roy Davis Jr. – Rock Shock (Thomas Bangalter “Stop Start” Mix) Bag Raiders – Shooting Star Grum – Can’t Shake This Feeling PNAU – Baby (Breakbot remix) Bag Raiders vs. Sammy Bananas – Fun Punch (feat. Carrie Wilds) Armand Van Helden – I Want Your Soul Pointer Sisters – Dare Me (Diizy’s Party Edit) Crydajam – Playground Freemasons feat. Amanda Wilson, Axwell – Love On My Mind Daft Punk – Rollin’ and Scratchin’ (sample) Pryda – Wakanpi (DJ DLG Re-Edit) Siriusmo – High Together (sample) Eric Prydz – Pjanoo Yazoo – Don’t Go Yazoo – Don’t Go (Bailey & Rossko Mix) Chic – I Want Your Love (Holic Aftermash) Scenario Rock – Skitzo Dancer (Justice Remix) (sample) Phoenix – Lisztomania (Classixx Version) DJ Soca LIVE In-Studio Mix Londonbeat – I’ve Been Thinking About You Metro Area – Miura Simian Mobile Disco – Hustler Technotronic – Pump the Jam Presets – This Boys In Love (Lifelike Remix) Slam - We Doin' This Again? Denis Naidanow feat. Tyree Cooper – Wonderland Dragonette – Competition (Ocelot Remix) Basement Jaxx – Romeo (Ryback remix) Tyree – Video Crash Mylo – Drop the Pressure (Rex the Dog Remix) Klaxons – Gravity’s Rainbow (Soulwax Remix) Ali Love - Secret Sunday Lover (Tom Neville Remix) Dusty Kid – The Cat Fukkk Off - Rave Is King (Original Mix) Josh One - Contemplation (Alex Neri Road Trip Remix) Audion – Mouth to Mouth The Paradise – In Love With You Alan Braxe – In Love With You (Axel Le Baron edit) Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You Chuck Roberts – My House (Let There Be House) Mylo – In My Arms (Tocadisco Remix) Fantom – Faithful Ugod – Ugodzilla (Yuksek Remix) MSTRKRFT – Easy Love Russ Chimes – Mulsanne Together – Together Daft Punk – Around the World (Kid Dub Remix) Daft Punk – Around the World (Original) Da Mongoloids – Spark Da Meth (Bangin Like A Benzi Mix) FEATURED ARTIST: House of House - Rushing to Paradise © DuoPhonix "The View From Nowhere" is a weekly show airing on KSCR Radio in Los Angeles

Gibson Guitar Giveaway + Cyrus

Make Music Pasadena & KSCR's Gibson Giveaway! + Make Music Pasadena & KSCR's Gibson Giveaway!

=Make Music Pasadena & KSCR's Gibson Giveaway!

KSCR + Make Music Pasadena is giving away a Gibson guitar this Friday, June 18th, on KSCR's radio show, Stereotype! To win the Gibson guitar: 1. Winner will be the 7th caller after you hear Matt&Kim's "YEA YEAH" Call 213 740 KSCR. AIM = KSCRLive. 2. Must be able to attend Make Music Pasadena on June 19 to pick up guitar, valued at $500. More details about the giveaway may be found here (Link: -- Also, if that wasn't enough free stuff, KSCR will soon have shirts + stickers from Fox Searchlight's new movie, Cyrus, starring John Reilly and Jonah Hill. Stay tuned, folks! Trailer for the movie:

The View From Nowhere 05-04-2010 (DOWNLOAD)

"The View From Nowhere" - Spinning an eclectic mix of House Music & Electro, spanning the most soulful to the most distorted

VFN - KSCR Radio

Featured on KSCR Radio (,1560AM/) Air Date: 05-04-2010 10pm-12:00am Photo Credit:

Right Click and Save As to Download:

Part 1/1 DOWNLOAD Track List Jean Michel Jarre - Equinoxe 4 (Pre-Show Track) VFN/WDPK Intro Ellis D - My Loleatta (Dish Apella) Bottin - No Static ( The Chemical Brothers - All Rights Reversed Demon vs. Heartbreaker - You Are My High (Vitalic remix) Bucketheads - The Bomb Prodigy - Breathe Crookers featuring Yelle - Cooler Couleur (Junkie XL remix) Daft Punk - Rollin' and Scratchin' (Gonzales Rework) Nina Simone - Sinnerman (Felix Da Housecat Heavely House remix) Gramophonedzie - Why Don't You Roy Davis Jr. - Rock Shock (Thomas Bangalter "Stop Start" Mix / Joel Lava edit) Thieves Like Us - Forget Me Not (Minitel Rose remix) Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire (Aeroplane Pop Remix) Breakbot - Stereo Provolone Bag Raiders - Shooting Star Klaxons - As Above, So Below (Justice Remix) Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work Taz - Can't Contain Me Busta Rhymes - Dangerous (VFN's Aeroplane Edit) Congorock - Babylon Deadmau5 - Slip Chuckie - Let The Bass Kick in Miami Bitch (LMFAO Radio Edit) The Bloody Beetroots - Rombo (feat. Congorock) Pitbull ft. Lil' Jon - The Anthem Ting Tings - Great DJ (Calvin Harris Remix) MSTRKRFT - Easy Love Russ Chimes - Mulsanne Röyksopp - What Else Is There? (Thin White Duke Mix) FEATURED ARTIST:

Bottin - No Static

KSCR - Live From Miami - Winter Music Conference 2010

One week of the year, music lovers from all over the world descend upon Miami for the largest music industry gathering of its kind, the Winter Music Conference. Frequented by those in the dance & electronic community, the WMC is host to a myriad of artists, DJs, record label representatives (A&R), producers, promoters, radio and media professionals.

Beyond the conference, surrounding Miami is home to an array of events across the city, including the Ultra Music Festival. Whether you’re sitting down for some authentic Cuban food, or enjoying a nice cohiba poolside, it’s nearly impossible this week to avoid the infectious sound that is the house beat.

KSCR’s own DJ Ahmar aka VFN recently returned from “The Magic City” with a grab bag of promos and new music.

Click Here to view the photos through our friends at Club Soda. Photos taken the weekend of March 26th at the Winter Music Conference, as well as Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida.

Big thanks to Paradax RecordsBeatportRVNG IntlThe Opium GroupX-MiX Productions and countless others that make Miami as legendary as its reputation has earned.

The View From Nowhere” airs Tuesday nights from 10PM to Midnight, right here on KSCR.

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