(Please don't be put off by the all caps because the only way to show a love for Fest is by using all caps.)

Fest was nothing short of perfection and we couldn't have done it without all of you. Infinite thanks to the bands, the sponsors, the art groups, and the vendors.

Oh, and the Robot. The Robot is your biggest fan.

Robot's Roundup

What you should be listening to:

What you should be watching:

Where you should be:

What you should know:
KXSC Fest is today.

I apologize for the lengthy blog post but in case it didn't register,
Chuck Norris loves to help people so when you click this picture, you will be directed to the Facebook event page for Fest.

KXSC Fest 2012: Starfucker

via Facebook

KXSC welcome Starfucker to the Fest 2012 lineup!

3. Identify and explicate the etymology of the term starfucker.

When Molly was given this question on her Intro to Astrology midterm, she did not have a single clue as to what the answer could possibly be. Rather than cramming the night before, she decided to drink seventeen cans of Rockstar energy drinks and watch Twin Peaks. Fed up with staring blankly at her paper, she began to write. These were her answers.

The term starfucker could allude to a reference of Cleopatra. While there is no current evidence of this that could place the claim in proper historical context, most men were really attracted to Cleopatra. I think. I'm not too sure. The hair was just...you know, she needed to do something about the hair.

Assuming I am wrong about the reference to Cleopatra, it could also mean that there was a collision in space. I think there is a technical lingo or slang for this? I'm also not too sure about this one. It may just be called a collision, but I didn't want to sound uneducated on this topic (though, admittedly, I am so sorry about that).

I think I have also heard starfucker used in a sentence on Jeopardy. Or in a Scrabble game with my step-mother. I can't remember the exact instance. Jeopardy and Scrabble with my step-mother are pretty similar. Except for the presence of Alex Trebek. Which by the by, did you know his real name is George? I didn't know this. I feel lied to like that time Nick Jr. told me Steve went to college. Steve did not go to college. Jerks.

Now that I'm really racking my brain for some answers, I don't recall starfucker ever being mentioned in a lecture. Professor Davis, I do believe this is all a trap and I have thus rambled on for nothing. I can't believe my time was wasted.

Surprisingly, Molly received a C+ on this exam.

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KXSC Fest 2012: Nosaj Thing

via The Music Ninja

KXSC welcomes Nosaj Thing to the Fest 2012 lineup!

A List of Animated Movies That Need to Be Paired with Nosaj Thing Tracks

1. "Aquarium" with Finding Nemo
2. "Fog" with The Wind in the Willows
3. "Night Crawler" with The Great Mouse Detective
4.  "Light #1" with Toy Story
5.  "Coat of Arms" with How To Train Your Dragon

Inspired by "Lords" with Winnie the Pooh

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T.G.I.F: Special KXSC Fest Edition

Ahhh, Friday. Time to get funky. Here's a quick playlist to prepare you for the FESTivities tomorrow. Go ahead and get familiar with these tracks before hearing them LIVE!

T is for...

"The Love Between" by White Fence

"To Resurrect" by Fiore

G is for...

"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Starfucker

"Green Machine" by TRMRS

I is for...

"IOIO" by Nosaj Thing

"Isabella of Castile" by Starfucker

F is for...

"Flesh Dance" by Gothic Tropic


"Fog" by Nosaj Thing

Thank God It's Friday, because TOMORROW is KXSC Fest! IT'S FREE! IT'S OPEN TO ALL AGES! IT'S GONNA BE EPIC! See y'all in Founder's Park tomorrow at 5 PM!! 

KXSC Fest 2012: White Fence

via The FaderKXSC welcomes White Fence to the Fest 2012 lineup!

How to Properly Enjoy Music by White Fence

1. Get a haircut that mimics the post-Beatles-bob. Think late-1960s shag hairstyle without really trying to have a late-1960s shag hairstyle.

2. Play the music from a record player.

3. Follow Drinkify.org's instructions.

4. Lean against a white fence.

5. Blast the music at the loudest volume out to the entire world (or neighborhood, but this depends on the power of your speakers).

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KXSC Fest 2012: TRMRS

via LEAFKXSC welcomes TRMRS to the Fest 2012 lineup!

The following is an excerpt from Dr. Chris Tee's anthropological exploration of living in the independent scene of Los Angeles. Most of his work from this venture has been destroyed by a neighborhood fire which took not only his research but also--reportedly--his life, though this is only speculation for his whereabouts are currently unknown.

You probably don't know this and I probably shouldn't tell you this, but I'm running out of time and they will catch me. But this is information that needs to be known by the general public. It is for the greater good. I'm sorry. I'm rambling. I'm nervous. But I have to tell you and I will tell you now.

The members of TRMRS are not who they say they are.

There. It has been said. You may not believe me. In fact, I bet you're thinking that I couldn't be more wrong about those cool, hip kids who play awesome California trash pop and drink PBR. BUT I AM NOT WRONG. I HAVE SEEN THEM.

A couple weeks ago, I met Loui A. Tomic. He seemed like a cool guy. He wore a hat. We bonded over this fact. But then, it hit me. His middle initial and last name spell "atomic." At first, I thought nothing of it. It could have been a joke or just a name used to sound cool like The Edge (except The Edge isn't a cool name). However, when TRMRS went onstage later, an earthquake that measured to be 8.7 on the Richter scale occurred in a vast part of the Pacific Ocean. It unearthed an island whose inhabitants descended from the lost Atlantis empire. They were celebrating a princess's fourteenth birthday when the earthquake destroyed their entire world.

I later spoke with Loui about this coincidence and he couldn't believe that that had happened. He bid "adieu" (he actually said "adieu") and then went off to talk to Anthony. Their conversation looked secretive.

It was then I decided that I needed to do some proper reconnaissance and follow them. I had a lot of difficulty with keeping myself hidden from their sight, but I managed to get to a house they were hanging out in. The garage door was closed, but I was able to peek through the windows that lined the top of it. Then that was when I saw...them.

They were all giant praying mantises.

I know. It seems crazy. It seems illogical. It seems maniacal. But I swear: I saw it. That hat that Loui and I had bonded over had now been donning the head of a humongous praying mantis.

They were sitting in a circle around a candelabra made of In N Out cups. The Loui praying mantis had passed an animal-style fry to the Max praying mantis who had been trying to get a solid grip on the Neapolitan milkshake that the Tommy praying mantis took from the Anthony praying mantis. It was almost ceremonial.

Suddenly, the Anthony praying mantis looked up and saw me spying. He held up a claw (it could possibly not be a claw but I don't know how else to describe their insect limbs) and the rest of the band turned to me. They started making praying mantis noises and praying mantis gestures. Soon, they peeled themselves off of the floor and crawled as fast as they could to the door, which, granted, wasn't that fast but they were huge so don't judge me.

Immediately, I bolted and headed for the closest place to hide. I cannot disclose the information of my exact location in case I have to hide there again (it was a pretty good spot).

Just whatever you do: do not trust them. If they try to befriend you, run. If they play music in front of you, listen, enjoy their show, give Tommy a strong handshake because he seems like the kind of guy who would appreciate that, and then run. If you see them hanging out together and walking in one general direction, take a picture of them on a disposable camera because that would be a cool shot and run.

Oh, no...OK. There is a hissing noise outside of my window. If you never hear from me again, you will

The file ended here with an elongated scribble. No further information about Dr. Tee's discoveries regarding the praying mantis and human hybrid have been found.

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KXSC Fest 2012: Gothic Tropic

Alex Dealy

KXSC welcomes Gothic Tropic to the Fest 2012 lineup!

Prague. Beaches. Butterflies. Sombreros. The little umbrellas that some restaurants put in Shirley Temples. Treehouses. That feeling when you are a better cook than your mom. Hula skirts (not necessarily wearing them but just the idea of a hula skirt). Cool Valentine's day cards. Ring pops. Melted Jolly Ranchers. Malibu. Cat-eye sunglasses. Aquariums filled with clown fish. The Macarena. Water slides that are not located at Hurricane Harbor. Minnie Mouse on vacation. Wooden roller coasters. Fruity frappuccinos. The Baldwin brothers at Coachella. Tabby cats. Black cats. Extremely fluffy cats. '80s dance flicks. Playgrounds. That moment between the moment you trip and the moment you hit the ground. Hypnosis employed to rid a fear of spiders. The spectrum of colors between pink and orange. Marge Simpson's hair on Meryl Streep.

That being said, you should all go listen to Gothic Tropic right now.

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Food and Music Pairing - Nosaj Thing


Nosaj Thing - Drift

is best enjoyed with...


Nosaj Thing's music is as much about the negative space as it is about the sounds within it. Instead of a continuous stream of information being thrown your way, sparse instrumentation and moments of intense heaviness are the focus. So with eating sushi. You don't shovel it in bite after bite--you take the time to enjoy each morsel, you savor the force behind little bits of wasabi, and you pause and reflect on a food as much about presentation as it is about its few ingredients. (Unless, of course, it's happy hour, but that's a whole 'notha world of food consumption.)

Consider getting sushi to accompany one of our headliners this Saturday at KXSC Fest, or enjoy the selection of incredible food trucks that will also be present. Just make sure you're there. Do you want to be the only one of your friends who misses this amazing, totally free festival? Nigiri, please.

KXSC Fest 2012: Fiore

via fiore

KXSC welcomes Fiore to the Fest 2012 lineup!

One day, you wake up and decide you have to go to the Sequoia National Park. No other forest will do. It must be this one. When you arrive, you walk around in wonder at the beauty that nature has to offer when suddenly, you step on a beehive (I mean, really, you couldn't have avoided that?). After you are stung several times, you break free from the massive swarm that was attacking you and run out of the woods...straight into an ice castle. Which is AWESOME. It's very peaceful and settling and then you decide that the perfect activity in an ice castle of this grandeur is to use your body as a sled and slide right into the bright pile of cherry blossoms aligning the base of the castle. You do so but soon discover that your eyes deceived you. It was not a pile of cherry blossoms but instead a world of neon-colored cotton candy. Oh, and Avey Tare is sitting on a throne of lollipops (he's just stopping by; Ian Brown will be here in a few, OK?). So Avey Tare tells you to follow him and you can't really question the guy, particularly because he is sitting on a throne. You two then fly into a saloon in a ghost town that has actual ghosts. One of the ghosts asks if you could play a benefit concert for them. The concert is meant to raise awareness about the insane inflation issue that has been happening in their county. You, the eager musician trying to make it big in this independent industry, decide that this is an excellent move. The ghost town's concert committee sets up a stage for you in this saloon and you play a sold out show that features your set of calm, dreamy guitar tones and soft vocals that match the sound like a Chevre-and-Chardonnay pairing. Oh, and you whip out a sitar. That's pretty cool. Out of nowhere, your ghost fans shriek and scream and run (or...fly?) around in a panic and disappear. The only member of your audience is a tiny mouse that squeaks and claps for you. Even a whistle. You get down from the stage and eat cheese together.

Then you wake up from this random dream and realize you just experienced the Fiore's music.

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Top 5 Bands/Artists for Your Dream Festival

In spirit of all the KXSC FESTivities (Get it? GET IT???), the staff has put together the list of the bands and artists they would love at their dream festival. Besides the KXSC Fest 2012 lineup which is already fantastic in every way. RSVP to Fest here!

A note to our readers: The Wizard of Words bestowed the power of musical revival onto the staff members. The following lists contain bands/artists who may be deceased, disbanded, or fictional supergroups.

image via Wives, Girlfriends, Groupies, & Muses / clever use of "Modern Love" lyrics combined with KXSC promotion provided by Jace

Angela Asistio
1. David Bowie
2. St. Vincent
3. Björk
4. The Modern Lovers/Jonathan Richman
5. LCD Soundsystem

Derek Yates
1. Nas
2. Biggie
3. Big L
4. Jay-Z
5. Snoop & Dre 

Kyle Mansfield
1. The Beets
2. Christos
3. Demi Lovato
4. Evanescence
5. The Flaming Lips

Christina Ellis
1. Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos
2. M83
3. Magnetic Fields
4. The Antlers
5. Youth Lagoon

Tara Ahmadi
1. David Bowie
2. Joy Division
3. Kings of Convenience/Whitest Boy Alive
4. The Knife
5. Refused/The (International) Noise Conspiracy

Helen Levenson
1. Spoon, Andre 3000, Dr. Dog, The Roots, Otis Redding, & Danger Mouse
2. Girl Talk, Missy Elliott, Fatboy Slim
3. Seu Jorge, Erlend Øye, David Bowie (circa 1972), & Arcade Fire
4. Jay-Z, Kanye, Ludacris, & Beyonce
5. Beck, Jack White, Grizzly Bear, Man Man, & The Black Keys 

Robert Fogg
1.-5. A solo set from each member of the Jackson 5 (in any order)

Jason Adams
1. Bon Iver and Yo-Yo Ma collaborating
2. Led Zeppelin
3. Black Sabbath (original lineup)
4. Jimi Hendrix collaborating with the Beatles and Animal Collective does the sound & effects processing for both
5. KISS 

Mikayla Cowley
1. Joy Division
2. The Cramps (this experience includes crowd surfing with Lux Interior; may he rest in peace)
3. young Hasil Adkins
4. The Beach Boys a la 1961, pendletons and all. 
5. The Residents in full eyeball/tux regalia collaborating with Merrill Garbus

Jace Brittain
1. Jimi Hendrix
2. Bruce Springsteen (1973 Incarnation)
3. A really really grouchy Charles Mingus
4. Marilyn Monroe to sing me "Happy Birthday"
5. The Avalanches 

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