KXSC December 2016 Hit List [Stay Warm with December’s Hottest Shows]

If you can make it through all your exams, try to make it out to all these shows this month ! 

Ramiro Mosquera - Music Director

Go to whatever church you worship at, whether that be the dance floor or a cathedral, and be content for all the good in life.

Give back to the community you are a part of, here’s a few good places to start, these are LA specific but wherever you go home for the holidays should surely have similar opportunities.

Cameron Hejna - Music Director

Hey I’m Cameron. You know me - I only give you good recs, so here you go:

Club Strategies Firehouse #3 - 12/01

The Club Strategies team is doin’ it again. Unmissable!  

Benedek, Harriet Brown, REL, & Bianca Lexis at YONI - 12/03

KXSC is putting together another batch of solid LA DJs.

Jaison Cabebe - Hip Hop Director

Anderson .Paak and the Free Nationals at The Hollywood Palladium - 12/10

Never seen Paak live but from what I hear it’s bound to be a good show

Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def at the Saban Theatre - 12/13

He just got out of prison in South Africa or some shit.

Gucci Mane at the Observatory - 12/22

$25 show at the observatory. Gucci's been real hot lately.

Zoe Citterman - R&B Director

Michael Kiwanuka at The Fonda - 12/12

Michael Kiwanuka's got a really solid old school soul sound. I saw him a few years back at Lollapalooza and he puts on a gorgeous show. Check Home Again, or his new record, Love & Hate.

Kaytranada at Novo LA - 12/28 + 12/30

Going to be a really fun show. Please go, because I can't + so so badly want to. Check his 99.9% project or his Chance + Solange Soundcloud remixes. Dope.

Breakbot (DJ Set) at The Standard - 12/31

Baby I'm Yours is so so funky (+ has one of my favorite music videos). Dude's done some really cool Boiler Room sets too, and I'm thinking this will probably be on par with that. Check it if you like disco/funk.

Jatin Chowdhury - Jazz Director

Robert Glasper Experiment @ The Fonda Theatre – 12/05

Robert Glasper is a legend of jazz keyboards. The Experiment features Derrick Hodge, Mark Colenburg, and Casey Benjamin, and has released critically acclaimed albums Black Radio Vol. 1 and 2, as well as their new release ArtScience. Should be a good show.

The Lumineers @ The Fonda Theatre – 12/07

My sister got to see them at Red Rocks this summer, and she enjoyed their show very much.

Toh Kay @ The Regent Theatre – 12/09

Frontman of Streetlight Manifesto doing a solo show. He’s an incredible musician so I’m sure it’ll be great.

Arturo Sandoval @ Walt Disney Concert Hall – 12/22

Arturo Sandoval is one of the world’s greatest trumpet players, hands down. Expect some jazzy and Latin tunes. Probably a Christmas song or two.

Christina Nour - LA Music Director

Self-Defense Workshop @ Junior High - 12/03

For all the women/poc/lgbt folks who might not feel safe under a Trump presidency. There's also an auction and the money goes to charity!

Frankie & The Witch Fingers at The Monty - 12/08

Come see one of LA's best psych bands for FREE!

Benefit for the Smell - 12/09

LA bands including Cotton Ships, Minimall, The Unending Thread, Love Nothing, and more will be playing! All proceeds go to relocating the Smell, an iconic venue in LA.

Midnight Mass 2 Festival in Long Beach - 12/10

One-day music festival with lots of great LA bands, including The Garden, Peach Kelli Pop, The Buttertones, Feels, The Memories, and more!

Christian Koch - Loud Rock Director

Children of Bodom at The Observatory - 12/06
Children of Bodom are a very very popular Finnish melodic death metal band. They make some very heavy metal while incorporating synthesizers and other alternative techniques to form their own sound.

Blink-182 at The Forum - 12/10  
The kings of pop-punk are touring for their new comeback album, which is actually pretty good if you give it a listen. I don’t see how a person could have a bad time at Blink-182. Maybe you’ll meet a cute girl at the rock show.

Animals as Leaders at The Mayan - 12/15
These guys just came out with a really good new album of complex progressive metal. A great metal concert for musicians and instrumentalists in particular.

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