the fighter

"The Fighter" giveaway

Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, and Amy Adams star in The Fighter, a film that follows the real-life story of two brothers in the tumultuous world of boxing. "Mickey has the chance of a lifetime as he earns a shot at the world championship. But when his brother and dysfunctional family reenter his life, they must all reconcile their pasts and become more than just a family in name. The Figher is a moving and often humorous drama about fighting for the people you love." View the trailer here. THE GIVEAWAY KXSC has two passes to a screening set for Thursday, Dec. 2nd at LA Live (@7:30) and 3 prize packs that will include a movie poster, sweater, and earbuds! HOW TO WIN Tell us someone that you are thankful for (yes, Thanksgiving has passed but the spirit remains...sry if that sounds cheesy, yall). Reply via: Twitter (@KXSC), Facebook (, or in the comments below. (photo and quote from

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