Swans- The Great Annihilator

Swans used to play really harsh and noisy industrial music.  The kind that made you want to jam a knife in your ear because it was so brutal and aggressive.  And then they pulled a 180 and started playing experimental post-punk kind of stuff.  The stuff I posted here, is of the latter.  But all that aggression and nastiness... it's still there, albeit a bit more subtle and subdued.  This album in particular is pretty tame compared to some of their other stuff, and if you dig this, make an effort to check out the rest of their discography.  One last piece of news: they recently reformed and are due for a new album this year! I am the sun the great annihilator Buy it Disclaimer: same as always.  if the artist doesn't wish to have his work posted here, shoot us an email at

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