Announcing: HARD Haunted Mansion

It's almost here....

HARD Haunted Mansion 2009

The dance party impresarios who've brought you HARD New Year's Eve and HARD Summer Fest have heard the fans requests and announced their line-up for this year's HARD Haunted Mansion, a massive dance party taking place this Halloween at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, located just across the street from KSCR studios. Recognizing that one day just wasn't enough for a lineup this good, HARD Haunted Mansion has been extended into two days of the world's most premier DJs and electronic dance artists.

Headliners Justice  & Basement Jaxx will be joined by such heavyweights such as Deadmau5, 2ManyDJs, Crookers, A-Trak, The Bloody Beetroots, Major Lazer, Classixx, Modeselektor, Buraka Som Sistema, Zombie Nation, Steve Aoki, Destructo, Don Rimini, Shinichi Osawa and many many more!

For More information including HARD Updates, visit http://www.hardfest.com

See you there!

Electro? LA Halloween Options 2008

So Halloween is this Friday. Still don't have plans? Like electronic music? We can help.  The good thing is that this Halloween there are plenty of choices of events to go to. You have an opportunity to go to not one, not two, but three places in the same night.  First off, the most recently announced event is an Ed Banger Halloween Party. 

Sponsored by Nike, the french Ed Bangers DJs will be hosting a Halloween Kick-Off party at the Montalban Theater in Hollywood. This is the same theater that Soulwax will be screening their Part of the Weekend Never Dies on the 28th. The new Busy P AirForces will be unveiled at the event, and you will have an opportunity to meet the members of the Ed Rec Crue, while still outfitted in your Daft Punk knock-off Halloween costume. There's no RSVP, so just show up. The event starts at 5PM at the Montalban.


What to do next? Well, of course there's Hard Haunted Mansion, but if you don't have tickets to it, or if you intend on showing up late, you could always check out an event sponsored by LA Metromix.

The people who brought you the weekly DanceRight event at La Cita bring you Drop-Dead Gorgeous Halloween at the Natural History Museum directly South of USC. Here you can catch DJ Sets from Treasure FingersClassixx, and my pick Holy Ghost. The best part of this event is that it is absolutely free for admission. Don't want to fork out $60 for a Hard Ticket? This is your best bet. There is a catch, though, to admission: you simply need to RSVP. Easy, right? Open up your favorite email program or webmail site and send your confirmation over to metromix@danceright.com. If you're going to this event and staying there, enjoy yourself. But if not, you always have the option of walking over to Hard Fest going on within walking distance. A safe bet would be to pay couple bucks and parking over at the University of Southern California Parking Structure X on Figueroa. This parking structure is located right in between, and is walking distance, both the Metromix and Hard events. That being said, you can head north on Figueroa and find yourself at one of the most epic electronic events that Los Angeles has ever hosted. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Meet Hard Haunted Mansion

With a line-up featuring the biggest names in electronic music, I have no doubt that this event will be the highlight of the night. You will have an opportunity to catch the likes of JusticeSoulwaxSMDBoys Noize, Crystal Castles, Crookers, and a few others...... all in the same night! If you haven't bought your tickets for this yet, you should because they may sell out and/or reach capacity early. So get your costume, get your ass to the Shrine on Halloween night, and prepare for one of the biggest nights of electronic music ever to take place in the western hemisphere.  ------------------------------------------------------------------ But wait.... there's more. Still not satisfied? Halloween is not just a night... it's the whole weekend.
By the time you wake up the following morning hungover from Hard Fest, you have just enough time to get yourself and a few close companions in a car, and head east to the northbound Interstate 15. Follow the road for a couple hundred miles, and you will end up in Las Vegas where the party never ends. The Fabulous Festival is the biggest electronic show in Las Vegas history, where you can catch sets from  MSTRKRFTCrystal Castles (again), DEADMAU5, HeartsRevolution, and [once again] the Ed Banger Crew featuring Busy P, DJ Mehdi, SebastiAn, SoMe and Mr Flash. Since Las Vegas is lenient with ordinances, curfews and whatnot, expect this event to go on until the wee hours. And if these don't satisfy you... I don't know what else to say.

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