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KXSC Interview - Joachim Garraud

KXSC Interview – Joachim Garraud


A pioneer by any measure, Joachim Garraud created his own recording studio in the middle of Paris, which allowed him to remix, compose and produce a myriad of artists over the years such as David Guetta, Jean-Michel Jarre, Kylie Minogue Paul Johnson, David Bowie, Cassius, Ceronne, Moby, Robbie Rivera and many more. Today, Joachim keeps busy with a new studio in Los Angeles, a weekly radio show “ZeMIXX”, (available free on iTunes) with over 350 episodes and counting, a touring live show and slew of artist collaborations. KXSC’s own DJ Ahmar had a chance to chat with Joachim before the debut of his new 3D live show this Saturday at Exchange LA, recent move to the city of angels and the launch of the new Space Invader Label.

You began playing piano at an early age. What made you gravitate towards electronic music? What were some of your early influences?

Well, that’s an easy explanation. When you’re a teenager, it’s not very cool to play classical music like Bach, so you gravitate to other styles of music. Some of my early inspirations in electronic music would have to be Jean Michel Jarre or Kraftwerk.

Speaking of Jean Michel Jarre (a legend in his own right), you performed alongside him on December 31, 1999, live from the Cairo Pyramids. An event that drew over 2 billion television viewers! What can you tell us about that?

That was an incredible experience. First of all, both me and Jean Michel Jarre had an idea to do a an event on New Year’s Eve 2000, so we were both already interested in doing a live show. We worked on that show for almost 19 months, then a 2 week rehearsal in Egypt which involved hundreds of musicians including a full symphony to put on an incredible 5 hour show in front of the pyramids. It was amazing because first I was able to put on grand show in front of so many people in Egypt, and secondly the fact that over 2 billion people from around the world watched that show was incredible. That’s almost a third of the planet!

You recently moved to Los Angeles, what do you think of it so far? I know you are already a fan of LA label Dim Mak records.

Moving to Los Angeles is a dream for me now that I’m a father. Everything is in close proximity in Los Angeles. I can go to the beach or snow in the daytime, have dinner with my family, work in the studio in the evening, fly to Las Vegas to do a show all in the same weekend! I will also be producing with more American artists this year.

You’re known for your energetic live shows. I’m excited to see you’re debut 3D live show this Saturday at Exchange LA. What can you share with us about it? 

With all my live shows, I want to have direct contact with the audience. Several years ago, I met the pioneer of the DVJ and eventually, I added visuals to my show using Serato which allows you as the DJ to control the lighting and effects live on stage.

For the 3D show, I’ve been working on this more than 8 months. I wanted the audience to feel like they are inside of another world, to give them the ability to travel without moving. With the 3D Space invader masks, they will experience the show on a new level. It’s kind of like Avatar, only better.

You’re launching your brand new label, Space Invader Music. This isn’t your first time either, as you founded "F*** Me I'm Famous records" with David Guetta. What was your reason to found a new label?

Having your own label is the best way to bring brand new talent to the stage and have their music heard. I want younger generations to have more opportunities to get their music released. So if you are an aspiring musician or producer, we would like to hear your music. If you would like to send a promo, please message us with your best song at: contact@spaceinvadermusic.com


Since you are Mr. Space Invader himself, what is your favorite alien movie?

 The original Alien from 1979 with Sigourney Weaver, of course!


Are there any artists or albums you’re excited to hear this year?

It’s hard to name an album because it’s more and more rare for artists to put out albums nowadays. It used to be that fans would have to wait to wait 2 years or more before an artist would put out an album of music, but now it’s more often the case that an artist will put out EPs with , so you don’t have to wait as long for the music to get released.

One artist who been working on new music is Steve Aoki, and I’m really excited to see what he will release in 2013.

What can your fans expect in 2013?

I’ll be producing with many more US artists, more dates with the 3D live show and of course, the launch of my label Space Invader Music!

We look forward to it, thank you!

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“The View From Nowhere” is a weekly show hosted by DJ Ahmar airing on KXSC Radio in Los Angeles

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