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It's Almost here.....Coachella 2010

It’s almost here…

Coachella 2010

We’re just one a week away from the 11th Annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, which has brought together some of the most amazing performances (Roger Waters, Paul McCartney, Daft Punk, Rage Against the Machine) in Indio, CA. To top it off, Coachella weekend will be accompanied by a number of other events:

1.MLF 2010

The 4th annual Music Loves Fashion ‘10 event at the Riviera hotel in Palm Springs, CA. For convenience, purchasing any of the room packages will grant you access to both the MLF pool party and ballroom event featuring performances by Joel Madden, the Crystal Method (DJ set), Shiny Toy Guns & Hybrid Digital.. Line-up For package details, click the link HERE or visit

2. Filter Magazine’s Coachella Kick-Off Party

Filter 2010

Filter magazine presents its 7th annual Coachella Kick off sponsored by Toyota Antics on Thursday, 4/15 featuring DJ sets by Jokers of the Scene, Micachu & The Shapes, Deluka, Afghan Raiders (We're not DJ's), Kid Color, Hesta Prynn, Kid Lightning vs. Them Jeans, and of course, a super-secret surprise guest who will not disappoint. We like surprises. More info available here:

3. Anthem Magazine party at the La Goon

Ahhh yes, the legendary (oh-so-secret) Anthem Magazine party will take place once again this year. Those in attendance will recall Anthem’s previous Coachella events over the years (Anthem Ranch 2009, Pool Party 2008) including appearances by the Ed Banger Crew, Surkin, Boys Noize and a flurry of other surprises. Lineup not announced yet for this year’s Anthem “LA GOON”, but probably a good thing since many of our readers will only grow more and more jealous. More info here:

KSCR will be there all weekend covering the splendor in the desert, as well as our friends over at ClubSoda.FM

Stay tuned!

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