Stevie Wonder


This has been pent up for a while but I have finally gotten up to the point where I have to put it out there.  Stevie Wonder is the man and everyone should know this!!  if you haven't heard his album Songs in the Key of Life it is definitely something that everyone needs to pick up and listen to!  There are too many good tracks on the album to count and each one is imaginative and creative in its own right.  It took him nearly three years to finish this massive double album ( an extra ep had to be included in the original pressing to fit all the songs on) it was definitely worth the time in the studio.  There are so many good tracks on the album but one of my favorites is a song called "Pastime Paradise".  Many of you may have heard a sample from this song in both Coolio's "Gansta's Paradise" and Weird Al's "Amish Paradise (I still like Weird Al's version better, thats right I said it), but here is the original which I think is definitely Wonder-Full(terrible pun but what do you expect?  its midnight).  Anyways take a listen.  

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