Larry David and New Poppin' Music

First and foremost, for all you Seinfeld,and Curb Your Enthusiasm fans, or for all of you fans of funny, please take some time out of your day for Larry David. Yes, he may be an ignorant SOB sometimes but it makes for the most uncomfortably wonderful kind of comedy around. Critics will deem people like LD as the dark side of humanity, providing nothing more than negative commentary. I must (un)kindly disagree. David will say everything that people only think, when others are too scared to talk. And it is fucking hilarious. While he may not be for everyone, it's worth a shot to convert as many people as possible. His comedy may have been around for years (Seinfeld--which I think pales in comparison to Curb Your Enthusiasm) but I think everyone should check it out. I mean, who doesn't like watching people feel uncomfortable? Hilarious.  Here's a link to an article he recently wrote about the upcoming election. Check it. Secondly, new music. I am proudly using my first post to provide a shameless plug for my friend's band. Formerly known as Panda, Dizzy Balloon (huh?) has been around since middle school. Over time, their sound has grown and matured into something new. This past year, they recorded a full length album. Check out the myspace. If this music doesn't get your toe a-tappin', I don't know what will. See, I took care of your afternoon entertainment. Enjoy.  

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