Eagle Rock Music Festival

Announcing: Eagle Rock Music Festival 2009

If you're not driving up to the weekender, this Saturday is the 11th annual Eagle Rock Music festival.

Click the flyer for more info...

EAGLE ROCK MUSIC FESTIVAL 2009 SAT., OCT. 3 ON COLORADO BLVD. BETWEEN EAGLE ROCK BLVD. AND ARGUS WITH THE EMERGING STAGE w/ L.A. RECORD DJ set and KXLU LIVE STREAM THE DUBLAB-CURATED FUTURE ROOTS STAGE THE KINGSIZE SOUNDLABSTHE SHIP STUDIO‘S “EAGLE ROCK BLOCK” STAGE PEHRSPACE “remix” COLLABORATIVE STAGE @ SWORK RAZORCAKEZOCALOC CURATED ELA+SOUTH BAY CNX PUNK STAGE ELECTRO INTERNATIONAL PSYCH HIP HOP FUNK BY SOUL IN THE PARKFUTURE MUSIC CLASSICAL, JAZZ, LOCAL POP-ROCK COVER BANDS, KIDS’ STAGE, WELCOME INN ZYDECO + more…. AND THE COMPLETE LINE-UP OF BANDS… Artichoke AM/FM Band Andrew Lynch Amateurs Bali and Beyond Gamelan Ensemble (LIVE EXPANSIVE INTONATION) Bonne Musique Zydeco Black Dynamite Blank Blue Buyepongo Carnage Asada Computer Jay DJ Set DJ NOBODY Set Suckapunch DJ Set Dusty Rhodes and the River Band Dubclub Echodelic Soundsystem w/ Guest Vocalists Eagle Rock High School Latin Jazz Band The Faraway Places The French Semester Free Moral Agents Fol Chen The Gaslamp Killer The Gears The Happy Hollows The Ignorant Jail Weddings The Joe Johnston Band Juan Vega and Friends Julia Holter (Human Ear Music/HIGHLY ELEVATED LIVE SET) KoTolan Kutmah Leslie and the Badgers Linus of Hollywood Mas Exitos DJ Set (CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICAN DANCE PARTY) Michael White Quintet Featuring Vocalist Leisei Chen Mochilla DJ Set Morning Glory Mumpo Nanny Cantaloupe DJ Set (FAR-OUT DJ SET) Nico Stai No Age Ollin Our Future Ovideo Patrick Park Peanut Butter Wolf Pocahaunted Random Patterns Robedoor Sam Mellon and the Skylarks Sandra Sandia SASSAS (Society for the Activation of Social Space Through Art + Sound) Tim Yalda Quartet That’s Incredible! The Tracs Trova: Esteban Leon and friends Underground Railroad to Candyland U-N-I Woolly Bandits WonderGround Wounded Lion
Eagle Rock is a short drive from USC. You can get there by driving up the 2 freeway and exiting Colorado Blvd. How much is a ticket, you may ask? It's absolutely free.

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