Django Djangp

Show Review: Django Django

From the moment Django Django walked on stage with their matching 80’s print T-shirts, I knew they planned to put on a great show… and that they did.  Before the concert, I was pretty familiar with their self-titled debut album, but seeing them live was like hearing a completely different band. They have so much energy live that just doesn’t seem to compare to listening through any other means. By the second song, everyone was dancin’, bouncin’, and flailing their arms around. They were completely upbeat dance music, which I would have never gotten just by listening to their album alone. If you’re first learning of Django Django, I’d recommend listening to their song “Waveforms”- it’ll pretty much give you a good taste of what they’re all about: upbeat, synth, and quirky with a robotic sounding twist. Their vocal harmonies and innovative instruments give them a unique sound as well.


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