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. . . to the '08 - '09 Season of BANDWIDTH. It is our goal to provide our readers with the best in alternative content and coverage. We focus on music, Los Angeles, art, entertainment, news, culture, subcultures, countercultures, utopias, neophilia, viral videos, music videos, pancakes, politics, crepes, fashion, love, death, Natalie Portman, hope, nihilism, local bands, foreign bands, bands that may or may not actually qualify as bands, photography, philosophy, concerts, lions, tigers, bears, dragons, albums, movies, poetry, Palin's daughter's baby's daddy, TV shows, robots, the Trojans, aliens, Danny Glover, and other amazing things. We're a blog (duh) and a magazine (due out in December). We write about cool stuff everyday. And, we also plan to take over your entire fucking world. So, enjoy our fresh resolve to make your life more entertaining, and we really do value your readership. Again, welcome to this new writing season, and thanks for paying attention. Love, Bandwidth

How To Stay Cool This Summer in L.A.

Does anyone know what the fuck was up with that heat wave earlier this week? I have never sweat so much in my entire life. Some anonymous culprit in my apartment seems to think that "85" is an appropriate setting to stay cool. WTF, right? Oh well, I can't blame her. Energy costs ARE soaring. But if you are a regular old warm-blooded creature who enjoys 77 degrees Fahrenheit on the 'mostat and now are completely broke, I have a very limited list of ideas for you to stay cool for little/no cash. 1. Hang out at Farmlab. They have "public salons" on Fridays, which are basically free mini lectures at noon on pretty interesting shit. Farmlab also hosts other events like concerts and exhibits throughout the week. 2. Go see concerts. LosAnjealous has a fairly comprehensive list of shows (just like KSCR does on our website!), and they give away free tickets (I won a pair to Dan Deacon a couple of months back...) KSCR programming starts back up on June 1st, whence we shall also be giving away tickets... for free. 3. Go see arts. LACMA has free Friday night jazz all summer long from 6-8pm. This Monday, Memorial Day, Target is sponsoring everyone for free with fun activities and events! Otherwise, LACMA is free after 5pm. MOCA is free on Thursdays from 5-8pm, even at the Geffen Contemporary where the Lawrence Weiner exhibit will be showing until mid-July. 4. I like looking at The Los Angeles Times' The Guide, especially the editor's picks. For example, Ray Bradbury (bad ass author of Fahrenheit 451! and other literary gems) is going to be doing a free reading and signing in Torrance next Tuesday. I've seen free events at the Disney Concert Hall n stuff posted on there too. Cool! I shall keep you updated as I learn new things you can do. Listen to KSCR when we're back on the air.

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