KSCR Top 30 and Adds from 10/12 - 10/26

Courtesy of our Music Director, Maura.

Radio 200 Adds

Rank Artist Recording Label  
1 REEFER Reefer Alphapup  
2 SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS Alpinisms Ghostly International  
3 DEARS Missiles Dangerbird  
4 CRYSTAL STILTS Alight Of Night Slumberland  
5 STAR FUCKING HIPSTERS Until We're Dead Fat Wreck Chords  
* indicates information which has not yet been verified by CMJ staff. Radio 200
Rank Artist Recording Label  
1 VIVIAN GIRLS Vivian Girls In The Red  
2 OF MONTREAL Skeletal Lamping Polyvinyl  
3 HIGH PLACES High Places Thrill Jockey  
4 WOMEN Women Jagjaguwar  
5 I'M FROM BARCELONA Who Killed Harry Houdini? Mute  
6 THE CLASH The Clash At Shea Stadium Epic-Legacy  
8 COLD WAR KIDS Loyalty To Loyalty Downtown  
9 WIRE Object 47 Pink Flag  
10 JENNY LEWIS Acid Tongue Warner Bros.  
11 SEA AND CAKE Car Alarm Thrill Jockey  
12 HERMAN DUNE Next Year In Zion Everloving  
13 HER SPACE HOLIDAY Sleep Tigers [EP] Mush  
14 GANG GANG DANCE Saint Dympha The Social Registry  
15 GREGORY AND THE HAWK Moeni And Kitchi FatCat  
16 MAD JUANA Bruja On The Corner Acetate  
17 MOGWAI The Hawk Is Howling Matador  
18 PASSION PIT Chunk Of Change Frenchkiss  
19 TRIVIUM Shogun Roadrunner  
20 DEERHOOF Offend Maggie Kill Rock Stars  
21 LITTLE ONES Morning Tide Chop Shop  
22 SECRET MACHINES The Secret Machines World's Fair  
23 MARNIE STERN This Is It... Kill Rock Stars  
24 PRETTY AND NICE Get Young Hardly Art  
25 ROSEBUDS Life Like Merge  
26 JAY REATARD Matador Singles '08 Matador  
27 LITTLE JOY Little Joy Rough Trade  
28 CATFISH HAVEN Devastator Secretly Canadian  
29 TAT Soho Lights [EP] Red-Sony  
30 BROKEN WEST Now Or Heaven Merge  
* indicates information which has not yet been verified by CMJ staff.

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