October's Staff Member of the Month: Natalie Lee

October’s ~Staff Member of the Month~ is Natalie Lee, host of It Smells Loud in Here with DJ Stinky. 👃😵
Natalie is our Assistant External Street Team Director, which means she’s in charge of getting KXSC DJ's out into the greater Los Angeles community and collaborating with other college radio stations! 
Outside of KXSC, Natalie interns at Spaceland Presents! You can catch her as the Monitor in Thornton's Pro Audio Lab or playing drums and writing sad, gay songs on guitar 🥁🏳️‍🌈🎸

Favorite thing about being on staff: “I've been able to get to know people who are super passionate about the station! I also like to eat the burgers that the dudes grill at Linda.”
Coolest thing you’ve done on staff: “Just recently I DJ'd my first set ever at With Love Market and Café! Other than that, I'm new to this position and Street Team has some awesome plans to collaborate with other stations, and throw some dope shows.”

Tune in every Friday at 6 pm PST to hear DJ Stinky play some pungent tracks perfect for both crying and moshing <3 and come out to our on and off-campus events hosted by Street Team every week! 💿🎚✨

Fatima Khan, Staff

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