October's DJ of the Month: Edward Swan


October's ~DJ of the Month~ is Edward Swan, host of Art of Space Radio under the alias swanbird. 🛰✨🗓
Outside of KXSC, Edward is a father and works at an elementary school! It's also Edward's last semester pursuing a degree in Teaching--he can definitely teach you a move or two since he's been a DJ for a decade now! 😲🕺


First song you played on your radio show: "Shawn Wasabi - Spicy Boyfriend"
What song is your guilty pleasure: "Blake Rules - I Love My Mom"
Best concert you've been to: "2 Chainz"
Favorite type of animal: "The one from The Muppets"

Tune in every Monday at 5 pm PST to hear DJ swanbird talk about the creative resistance ✊ and learn more about our amazing KXSC community every month! 

Fatima Khan, Staff

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