November's Staff Member of the Month: Rose Bueno

We’re nearing the end of the semester! 😱 Exciting times at KXSC because it means our interns are ready to take their DJ TESTS! 🖥🎚🎙So for November’s ~Staff Member of the Month~ we’d like to feature Rose Bueno, our DJ Program Coordinator <3

Rose joined KXSC in Spring 2018—her second semester at KXSC and she’s already on staff! As DJ Program Coordinator, Rose is responsible for scheduling training sessions and DJ tests + workshops. 📄🖋
Outside of KXSC, Rose interned at Lucasfilm as a Story Group Intern this past summer! when she’s not busy making her mark in the cinema industry, you can find this NorCal native exploring L.A. 🤳🌴

Favorite thing about being on staff: “My favorite part of being on staff is collaborating with different departments to make KXSC and its program better for everyone!”
Fun fact: “I had a close call with death once—I electrocuted myself on accident.” 🤭


Tune into Buenas Vibraciones today at 11 am PST for Rose’s last show of the semester! it’s bound to be a funky joyride down memory lane 🛣🎶

Fatima Khan, Staff

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