November's DJ of the Month: Nick LaDue

November’s ~DJ of the Month~ is Nick LaDue, host of So What’d You Think? with DJ 20Nugs. 🤔😮


Outside of KXSC, Nick is quite the auteur—he writes, directs, and edits short films for fun. He even composed the score for his most recent project; Nick’s been playing the piano for 13 years now, so we think it’s safe to say that the score undoubtedly slapped 🎹💯👏🏽

First song you played on your radio show: “The Marvelettes - Please Mr. Postman”
What song is your guilty pleasure: “Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight”
Best concert you’ve been to: “I saw Cage the Elephant at an acoustic show in Paris!! It was incredibly intimate and the band was backed by this awesome string section. One of the fans gave the singer this jar full of compliments people wrote to him and he was so moved that he cried and performed two unreleased songs for us. It was one of the most memorable nights I've ever had.”

Tune in every Tuesday from 2 to 3 am PST to hear DJ 20Nugs watch and react to movies LIVE 🎥✨ and check out the podcast on SoundCloud and iTunes: 

So What’d You Think on SoundCloud 

So What’d You Think on iTunes

Fatima Khan, Staff

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