November's Alumna of the Month: Sachi Kobayashi

November's Alumna of the month is..... Sachi Christine Kobayashi <3

Sachi was a student DJ from 2011-2013 and an alumna DJ from 2014 to 2016!

Her first show was called Make More Noise, which was an eclectic mix with vague themes each week. Later, she did an americana/roots show called Down In The Valley with Mountain Momma. As an alumna she developed her best show: Sound Sounds, which was strictly a new music show.

Favorite memory of KXSC: "So many parties, hanging with people who would become best friends in the studio, roadtrip to SXSW, and launching the 1st fundraiser."

How has KXSC shaped your career?:"100% I'm now the Director of Fundraising at one of the top AAA public radio stations in the country. This never would have happened without KXSC."

Today Sachi is the Director of Development at WXPN in Philadelphia, the public radio station she grew up listening to :'))))))))

Olivia Osborne, Staff

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