The Energy Awaits: Nocturnal Wonderland 2013

We’ve all heard the tale about a girl named Alice, who dangerously slips into a dreamworld that surpasses her wildest imagination. If you’ve ever wanted to experience the magical madness of Wonderland, Insomniac is starting the fall festival season by bringing the dark and mysterious side of the story to life at Nocturnal Wonderland. When the sun goes down on September 21, Insomniac will be transforming the San Manuel Amphitheater and Grounds into an enchanting realm that will give those of us still stuck in our childhood fantasies the perfect chance to journey down the rabbit hole.

On the last day of summer, Insomniac has planned an unforgettable night filled with eye-catching art installations, thrilling carnival rides, and roaming theatrical performers. This year’s event is looking to be bigger than ever with Pasquale Rotella, founder and CEO of Insomniac, putting production design at the forefront of creating the ultimate experience for concertgoers. Thousands of attendees will come out to play on the festival grounds and dance music enthusiasts can expect a star-studded lineup featuring Benny Benassi, Bingo Players, Dash Berlin, Fatboy Slim, Fedde Le Grand, Kill the Noise, Krewella, Porter Robinson, Sander Van Doorn, and many more. For the first time, Insomniac is offering a camping option so that concertgoers can stay conveniently close to the venue and also sleep underneath the stars.

Nocturnal Wonderland promises a new adventure at every turn. The question is, are you ready to experience the magic?

If yes, KXSC has you covered. The station has teamed up with Insomniac for several ticket giveaway contests. Your last opportunity to win a free pair of tickets to Nocturnal Wonderland is September 12. Check our Facebook and Instagram for hints and clues!

For more info and tickets, go to

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