Metal Femme KXSC Mix

Christmas has arrived early with a gift from Metal Femme.

An orb, artist, and student, Metal Femme hails from Florida. Her artistic mission, in her own words: METAL FEMME emerged from e-dialogue, with the online matrix being reworked to serve as a liminal space for brown trans/femmes with no space to occupy with our corporealities. METAL FEMME is meant to encompass more than just herself as a concept. METAL FEMME seeks to uncover and understand collective diasporic trauma from biopolitical warfare while never straying from her roots. METAL FEMME, lastly but not least, seeks to upturn the (neo)colonial strife in this world by centering collective healing, validating emotion, and killing trauma in all its forms.

She told me the theme of this mix: “pregame, but make it industrial, club, and fashion.”

Get down to this mix before you head out into the night: it’s a good luck charm.

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