May's DJ of the Month: Clare Chandler

Our last, but CERTAINLY not least, ~DJ of the Month~ is Clare Chandler, host of Magic Hour as DJ Clare! 🧙‍♀️🔮

She’s been part of KXSC for a year and a half now, but Clare does more than just DJ: She’s on the E-Board for USC’s Environmental Student Assembly, part of the USC Ski & Snowboard Team, worked on the Hillary Clinton campaign at the head quarters in Brooklyn, and volunteers at the Audubon Center and at a women's shelter back home in Indianapolis! #queen 👑👑

First song you played on your radio show: "Little Feat - Willin'" What song is your guilty pleasure: "Rihanna - Needed Me" Best concert you've been to: "Neil Young in Paris"

It’s finals season, which means there’s no show to plug here :’~( BUT you can still support DJs like Clare by donating to our fundraiser—guarantee the future of college radio <3:

Thank you to our accomplished queen Clare for dedicating her time to KXSC!

Fatima Khan, Staff

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