March's Staff Member of the Month: Annalisa Philip

KXSC has 100+ shows blessing our airwaves at 1560 AM. 📻🌊

Meet the person responsible for figuring out the perfect time for every single show and March’s ~Staff Member of the Month~ 🌟

Annalisa Philip has been our Programming Director since May 2018 and was formerly our PSA Director her Junior year. As Programming Director, Annalisa is responsible for reviewing every single show application and creating the program schedule based on the availability of each individual DJ. 🗓🎧

Although she doesn’t have a show this semester, Annalisa hosted Bitcrush as DJ Nali for a year and a half playing music inspired by video games. 👾🎶 Outside of KXSC, Annalisa is an intern at Viacom, where she’s on the Creative Music Integration team. 👑💁‍♀️

Favorite thing about being on staff: “Hanging out with DJs and staff and tuning in to everyone's shows has given me a perspective on types of music that I may not have ever listened to. Being around a team of such amazing DJs has given me access to a community at USC like no other. Our little spot in the basement of the campus center serves as a second home to so many.” Coolest thing you’ve done on staff: “Tabling at orientation and teaching incoming freshman and their parents about KXSC has always been one of my favorite things. So many parents push their kids to sign up to our mailing list because they had a show on their student radio station back when they were in college and they're amazed by how many DJs we have.”

All the love to Annalisa for everything she’s done for KXSC, we wouldn’t be on the airwaves without her! <3 

Fatima Khan, Staff

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