PLAYLIST: A Toast to My K-pop Youth

A Toast to my K-pop youth by Stina Chang

K-pop, a genre that is trending in today’s pop culture more than ever before. Want to catch up on the latest trend but have no idea where to start?

Here’s a playlist to help you out! This is your beginner guide to get to know the greatest bands and hits in K-pop history. To those who grew up listening to K-Pop tunes like me, this playlist is sure to fill you with nostalgia. Sometimes, we just need to turn back the clock and remind ourselves of our youth. From the greatest K-Pop hits of the early 2010s to the icons that redefined the genre today, this playlist takes a trip through the times as we revisit the era where Girl’s Generation, Big Bang, and Shinee lit up the stage. Of course, K-pop playlist would not be complete without BTS, BlackPink, and Twice— modern day K-pop legends.  

  1. Girl’s Generation: Mr. Taxi (2011)

  2. Big Bang: Love Song (2012)

  3. Shinee: Everybody (2013)

  4. Sistar: Touch N Body (2014)

  5. EXO: Call Me Baby (2015)

  6. BTS: Spring Day (2017)

  7. Twice: TT (2017)

  8. Blackpink: Playing with Fire (2018)

  9. Crush: Guardian (Original TV Soundtrack: Goblin)

  10. IU: BBIBBI

  11. NELL: Loop

  12. Jonghyun: Shinin’

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