February's Staff Member of the Month: Oliver Scott

If you’ve checked out our YouTube channel, then you’re probably wondering if Steven Spielberg himself is responsible for our cinematic content. 🤔We know this might be shocking, but it’s actually our Director of Videography and February’s ~Staff Member of the Month~ Oliver Scott!

Oliver is responsible for shooting and editing our KXSC Live Sessions and other promotional videos. 🎥🎬 He’s only been on staff for the past month, but he’s already killing the game. 🌟

A man of many talents, Oliver is also part of the USC Photography Club, and writes and makes music in his free time. 📸👨‍🎨

Favorite thing about being on staff: “I love all the people! Everyone is very kind and supportive and they like cool music.” Coolest thing you've done on staff: “I've only been on staff for a few weeks... but I think the Kirk Palsma video turned out nice. I'm enjoying how the studio session aesthetic is coming along.” Other pertinent info you must know about Oliver: He doesn’t understand the hate towards Nickelback. “Rockstar is a timeless classic.”

Tune in every Tuesday at 2 pm PST to hear Art Fuzz with DJ Yung Cytoplasm to listen to how music and art correlate through an exploration of album covers! 🖼🎶

Fatima Khan, Staff

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