February's DJ of the Month: Miranda Leibig

They say February is the month of love, and we sure do love February’s ~DJ of the Month~ <3

Miranda Leibig, also known as DJ Mira, has been part of KXSC for the past year—but when she’s not in the station, you can find her working at the Viterbi Distance Education Network or directing special events for the Latinx Student Assembly. ✌️✌️Oh, and she’s also the President of USC’s American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists. 🧠👩‍💼

We guess you could say Miranda’s pretty darn accomplished. 🤔It’s hard to believe she still has time to do amazing things at the station: last February, she interviewed local Latinx artist Jasper Bones for our website! 🥀🌟

First song you played on your radio show: “A. Chal - Criminal” What song is your guilty pleasure: “Zac Efron - Bet On It” Best concert you’ve been to: “Frank Ocean my scorpio king <33 I finally got to see him at FYF and it was life changing.”

Tune in every Friday at 12 pm PST to La Única Musica to hear DJ Mira throw down some jams from artists of color for la gente! ✊💖

— Fatima Khan, Staff

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