February's Alumna of the Month: Lani Renaldo

As Black History Month comes to a close, we’d like to feature a former KXSC DJ who started the whole initiative at the station last year: meet Lani Renaldo, February’s ~Alumna of the Month~ 

Lani was a part of KXSC for all four years of her college career; she hosted a show with her roommate, Carly Sabicer, playing songs from the most iconic duos. 👯‍♀️ The hosts even had Lani’s parents on air for an episode about their anniversary. <3

Outside of KXSC, Lani worked on her own music—she opened for Halsey’s Badlands Tour at the Shrine in 2016. 👑 Since graduating from USC, Lani has worked on ZAZA World Radio with Kendall Jenner and OTHERTone with Pharrell, and currently works at Apple Music/Beats 1. 🎶

Favorite Memory of KXSC: “My favorite KXSC memory has to be Fest (when it still existed). It was a great way to meet different people involved with the staff and truly a time where I think we worked the hardest, not only to make an amazing event for our KXSC, student, and general community, but to create something meaningful for everyone. I’ll never forget the rush of tasks we had, making sure we got people out, coming up with merch ideas (especially the one year we did tie dye at the Pink House), eating Cool Haus and finally, the long night culminating in the group vibing out to the headliner. Fest was my introduction to KXSC and really helped me find a place I felt comfortable in at USC. It also was the introduction to a lot of people I love in my life and have even LIVED with!” 

How has KXSC shaped your career?: “KXSC shaped my career in several ways - arguably, being apart of KXSC is what launched my career as a performing artist. I still owe a huge part of my  come up due to GM Liana Wertman. She got me in touch with the people at Samsung who initially hooked me up with Halsey to do the show at the Shrine. While I had been performing for many years and creating music, it was a moment that helped take my work to the next level. KXSC also helped me get into radio beyond just being a DJ. While it’s important to be an on-air voice, I learned about technology, radio etiquette, promotions, departments, and overall operations helping to run a station. I knew that radio existed, obviously, but having a career in radio was never on my radar until I got involved in the station and realized that there were many forms of radio and that there could potentially be several outlets to express myself through that medium.”

Thank you so much to Lani for making KXSC what it is today! <3

Fatima Khan, Staff

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