December's Staff Member of the Month: Christine Beatty

Winter break is here! Which means our interns have taken their DJ tests and are ready to host their own shows in the new year! For December's ~Staff Member of the Month~ meet the lady behind it all, Christine Beatty! ❄️🎧❄️

Christine is our Intern Coordinator--the first point of contact for those interested in being part of KXSC! She oversees the intern process, from intern applications to the DJ test at the end of each semester. 🎙📝💯

Christine is in the Music Industry program with a minor in Art History 🎶🎨 and has some major wanderlust, Christine has been to 14 different countries! 😲✈️

Favorite thing about being on staff: "The camaraderie!! Our staff is comprised of wholesome people who are great to work with." <3

Coolest thing you've done on staff: "Spent 5 hours one night choosing interns with Blake, Annalisa, & Rose. There were some WILD applications--I haven't laughed that hard in a while."


Christine spins under the alias DJ Ex-Teen with co-host DJ Satanic Mother on Ice Cream Anti-Social on KXSC 🍦🍦🍦Christine's own mom hasn't missed a show in three years, and neither should you when we come back with Spring Programming next semester! <3 ~

Fatima Khan, Staff

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