December's DJ of the Month: Ben Buckley

Our December DJ of the month is Ben Buckley, host of Limbo where he plays hip-hop, ambient, r&b, and indie rock !!!

Ben has been on KXSC for 3 years :') He has had the pleasure of interviewing producer williamvanzandt and Dart Parker (VP of A&R at Def Jam, Manager to Danny Brown, Ka, and more) on his show. You may have even seen Ben DJing at The Good Karma Cafe at USC 👀 👀 👀

Each show Ben starts with the skit from the song “Gonna Be Alright” by Robert Glasper as he believes it is a great explanation of how he feels about the zeitgeist of so much of popular music today. It is the inspiration for Limbo Radio and setting that bar high.

Outside of KXSC, Ben manages williamvanzandt and artist Baird! In his free time he actively works to revamp and start the College Diabetes Network on USC’s campus.


If you can't find Ben at KXSC he's probably doing his daily meditation 😴😴😴

Be sure to tune into his show next semester!

Olivia Osborne, Staff

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