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Cuco has quickly become one of the more notable and easily recognizable solo artists in the indie-pop scene, making his way from small house shows in Hawthorne to festivals like Coachella, Tropicalia, and stages worldwide. If you’ve heard him on Spotify playlists “Bedroom Pop”, “Anti Pop”, or “tik tok songs that are actually good”, you would know Cuco isn’t afraid to be sensitive while also letting his Chicano background shine, especially among his wide collection of bilingual tracks.

Cuco currently has two tapes and an EP out, with his debut album, Para Mi, coming out July 26th, the day before I’m set to see him at The Novo in Los Angeles. His current discography covers a range of styles like the dreamy love ballads “Lo Que Siento”, or the fun lo-fi synth-pop track “Dontmakemefallinlove.” I’m excited to see how he chooses to expand and build on his current creative arsenal for his upcoming album; hopefully, we see a new side of Cuco we haven’t been able to experience before.

I’ve been lucky enough to see Cuco twice in concert, and I’m very ready to go again. The full band he has on stage while performing live adds a fun layer to his music that you don’t get digitally. While the style of his songs live can completely change, they never take away the feeling and still sound incredibly authentic. I can’t wait to see how he’s grown as an artist, and how he will choose to approach his brand new album live. If you want to see Cuco and are located in Los Angeles, he currently has three upcoming shows in late July at The Novo, Amoeba Hollywood, and Grand Park.

Zach Flores, DJ

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