Turnover is a band from Virginia consisting of Austin Getz (frontman/guitarist), Casey Getz (drums), and Danny Dempsey (bass). They were signed to Run For Cover Records in 2012 and have undergone a significant evolutions since. Their earlier album, Magnolia, was definitively pop punk but their latest album, Good Nature, is aptly considered dream pop. Turnover’s sound is recognizable by the shimmery, dreamy, chorus effects on their guitar riffs. The notes feel like they are dancing around you, sending you into a slow whirl. Such is so with my favorite song, “Dizzy on The Comedown” (from their sophomore album Peripheral Vision), which definitely makes you feel dizzy in a relaxing, swoony way. One thing that hasn’t changed about their music is their melancholic, edgy and emo energy. Good Nature is a picture-perfect soundtrack for driving by ocean, which you can see in the “Supernatural” music video. I’m so excited to see Turnover for the first time playing on April 18th with Turnstile and Reptaliens at the El Rey. Conveniently, I’m also a fan of Turnstile, a hardcore punk band from Maryland. My favorite Turnstile song, “Real Thing” is slightly repetitive, yet the repetitiveness, the upbeat speed, and the screaming vocals is what fuels the song with emotion. I will definitely be moshing and headbanging until I have whiplash all night.

— Natalie Lee, Staff

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