New York City is hardly the most tranquil city in the states, and it is oftentimes a tricky place to call home for most outsiders, and now with the heavy tourism, even locals. Show Me the Body is a trio of hardcore punk, industrial hip-hop, and noise rock musicians, that have a truly unique motto that encompasses this sense of uneasy living. The band is constantly in the midst of a battle between norm and novelty, and struggle with the disappearance of true New Yorkers. Their music is not your typical run of the mill punk rock mosh scene, but rather a bilateral anamorphosis of their lives as they strive to take more from New York than it demands from them.  

Julian Cashwan Pratt on lead vocals and the banjo, Harlan Steed on bass, and Noah Cohen-Corbett on drums have all worked together to generate insane sample rock and electronic vibrations, since their formation in high school. They released their very first EP in 2015 titled: S M T B, and an album later dropped in 2016, called Body War. They played Coachella on a whim in 2017, and later dropped their next fuse of songs in an album called Corpus 1. They currently work with Loma Vista Recordings to produce and encapsulate their underground New York vision, in order to relate to their growing audience. As of now, they have almost 15k followers on Instagram but their popularity does not stop there. As you roam the streets of New York, you may encounter their geometric three coffin logo, and immediately know the territory is marked. They end their US tour May 15, 2019 in Philadelphia, where they close the coffin on their debut national/international tour for their newest album Dog Whistle.  

Their upcoming show on April 26 at the Zebulon will be nothing less than a wild night. Straight from their show pictures, you can expect a whole lot of noise, moshing, and sweat. A fun typical Saturday night for a regular body enthusiast. The Zebulon is home to many local LA- based bands, but also welcomes many up-and-coming underground artists like Show Me the Body. Their redefinition of what a hardcore band really is, is what you can expect from their shows. It is not easy to find a band that incorporates a diverse array of sound, that mixes genres and keeps their listeners on their toes as they anticipate the crowd surf and calorie burn at their next performance. Grab your earplugs (or don’t) and get ready for some pleasant danger at the Zebulon on April 26. See you there!

— Emma Goad, DJ

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