Buckle up cow-kids, because hailing from Indiana, 21-year-old soul singer Omar Apollo is on his way to Los Angeles for two sold-out shows in May.

With his new EP, Friends, fresh off the press (released April 10) and a recent spotlight feature on Spotify’s “Pollen” playlist, Omar is a refreshing newcomer to the music industry. He draws inspiration from his Chicano heritage and classic Mexican soul singers like Vicente Fernández and Estela Núñez. On Friends alone, he has demonstrated the breadth of his talent, from the neo-funk of opener “Ashamed”, to the soft acoustic tones of closer “Trouble”, a sound to which I had believed he would exclusively adhere.

Omar sings with a soothing baritone that he isn’t afraid to challenge into his higher range, and that makes me excited for what he will experiment with in live performance. “Amor Malo”, off of 2018’s Stereo, was the first track I ever listened to, and exemplifies a tender auto-tuned falsetto reminiscent of Bon Iver’s work. Other stand-out songs include “Ugotme”, “Unbothered”, and “Erase”.

For more on Omar’s musical background and artistry, check out this great article by Erika Ramirez of Pitchfork.

Claire Bai, Staff

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