Dijon’s Spotify bio is comprised of only a single word: ‘zoom.’ And I think this bio, as much as it is pithy, is an accurate description of his quick rise to the forefront of the indie r&b scene.

Dijon Duenas ventured into the world of r&b at a young age, making beats during his childhood and early teens before eventually becoming one half of the duo known as Abhi//Dijon. However, upon moving to Los Angeles, Dijon began releasing solo projects including his most recent EP of 2019 entitled ‘Sci Fi 1’ which contains seven songs.  

His music is a cohesive cocktail of Frank Ocean-esque vocals with the instrumental elements of Choker and the upbeat harmonic stylings of Berhana. All of these combined makes for a listening experience that incites some sort of nostalgia for a specific memory you can’t quite pin down but makes you want to stare out of a car window, raindrops trickling down the glass while you wistfully remember a past love that doesn’t exist like you’re in a music video. His music is the perfect amalgamation of sad-boy indie and soulful r&b, backdropped by poetic lyrics that separate Dijon from other musicians and explains why he has so quickly garnered the attention of music lovers everywhere.

On May 17th, Dijon will be playing his first show as a solo headliner at The Moroccan Lounge in downtown LA. Tickets for this show along with his other show happening the week prior at Elsewhere in Brooklyn sold out in under a week, once again proving Dijon to be an up-and-coming artist worth noting. This being one of his first solo shows, I’m definitely looking forward to hearing how his music translates to a live performance in addition to seeing what his performing style is like on stage.

Katherine Hayes, DJ

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