KXSC Radio is proud to present a mix by Jinku of EA Wave, a dynamic artistic collective from Nairobi traversing many genres and styles. EA Wave was established in 2015. Some words from the collective:

EA Wave (East African Wave) is a collective of 5 DJ/Producers from Nairobi, namely Ukweli, Sichangi, Hiribae, Nu Fvnk and Jinku. Each cut across genres with unique and individual styles, making their own waves in the industry. They DJ and produce as a collective, as individuals and everything in between. Their combined energies and creativity are helping fuel a new creative sector wide movement in urban Nairobi - becoming known as #NuNairobi as cited by Fader Magazine. Their first major breakthrough came when they were asked to produce the Indigo EP by then US based Kenyan artist Karun, who in turn introduced them to Ghanaian songstress Jojo Abot. This led them to partner with Jojo on the Africa Na Ladi project, each of the collective adding something to the production of ‘Mega Kpenu Nao’. They have recently been featured in Fact Magazine’s ‘NuNairobi’ documentary and made their Boiler Room Live Debut. Their #WaveyWednesday initiative has seen the collective release one of more tracks every Wednesday for the past year. They’re one of the first live electronic acts out of East Africa playing festivals in Uganda, Sweden and Reunion Island.

Enjoy this relaxed mix that oscillates between downtempo, electronic, flamenco, Afrobeat, and other more ambient selections.

Find EA Wave on Bandcamp. Find EA Wave on Soundcloud. Find EA Wave on Insta.

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