It was the perfect downtempo R&B show for some pre-Valentine’s Day fun at one of the prettiest and intimate venues in LA, the Lodge Room. Canadian band Rhye brought the house down with an incredible performance and beautiful atmosphere. The whole room swayed through the night with lead singer, Mike Milosh’s captivating and sensual vocals on the rainy Wednesday night. Rhye’s the type of band where it’s almost impossible to not love them general, but even harder to not love them live.

The diverse instrumentation on stage ranged from chello, bass, violin to guitar, piano, and drums. Together the six musicians only fueled what you already know about this magical band: real music and real talent. We saw Milosh step back from the mic and join his band showing off his other incredible talents away from vocals. Though a classically trained cellist, his focus was on the keys and drums, bringing the intensity up a notch with the entire room hollering and clapping when he did.

I was right there with everyone else, transfixed with the music and mystery of the emotive piano, buzzing synths, tender drums, and delicate vocals. Funny enough, even Milosh seemed to be wrapped in the energy and sultry sounds of the room that he unintentionally didn’t say a word to the audience until halfway through his performance. When we did, I could tell that the people couldn’t help but fall in love with him even more with the shower of claps he got and deserved. We heard classics like the “Open” and “The Fall” as well as other favorite tunes. To our surprise, we also heard soon to be released upcoming material. Don’t worry if you missed it, Rhye continues their “Blood” album Tour and will be back in LA this Summer for more breathtaking performances and definitely new material we’re all going to love...and maybe even shed a few tears with.

Adrianne Jauregui, DJ

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