Rence’s Fall 2019 is a musical journey into learning how to love, be loved, and heal old, deep wounds. The title of the EP is the first allusion to life’s woes: it may be easy to assume that Fall 2019 refers to the season of the current year, but, during the first song, Darkside, the listener learns that Fall refers the long, rapid, uncontrolled trip down from a high. 

Rence artistically articulates his vulnerabilities and, in turn, empowers the listener. “I’m at my lowest” is not just a lyric from the third track, “I Know,” but a ubiquitous theme throughout the EP. This is where the listener, myself in particular, connects to Rence’s latest release: we all know the pain of losing love and are far too familiar with being scorned by a lover. The number one reason we consume art is to believe we are not alone in our deepest moments; Rence assures his fans that he can commiserate with them in that regard. 

A mix a fun beats, quippy hooks, and relatable themes keeps me listening. Rence is neo-Post Malone combined with a Yeek-like rock-bop. Definitely worth searching on your favorite music listening app. 

Favorite song: “super sad”

Favorite beat: “I Know”

Favorite lyric: “I got a darkside. I save it for you,” on “Darkside”

-Edward Swan, DJ

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