College Radio Day: Op Ed by Sienna Estrada

Helloooo! I’m Sienna, and I’m a DJ at KXSC. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 11.24.13 AM.png

Every week, I’m always looking forward to my show, because KXSC has become one of the places where I feel most like myself.

I’ve always been pretty shy, so applying to be a DJ was a little out of my comfort zone. However, I did it anyway because I wanted to get involved in something I knew I would enjoy. My love for music outweighed by nervousness. Now, in my second semester of being a DJ, I’ve become extremely confident with speaking on air and sharing my music taste. College radio gives me the freedom to play the music I like and want to share with listeners. I leave all my worries outside the door of the station, exhale, and float in space to the tunes. 

My friend who listens to my show every week tells me that, even though she can’t see me, she can “hear” me smiling whenever I’m on the air. And it’s true! I’m always smiling, because I’m always happy to be there. It makes me feel great that I’m sharing music, shining light on upcoming/local/independent artists, and giving listeners a soundtrack for the hour. 

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