College Radio Day: Show Introduction by Ray Warth

I’m a music student at Thornton School of Music. But before finding out about LA and the music program here, my entire life was spent in Suzhou, China; my family had relocated there in ’99 for reasons relating to my dads’ work. Moving to the USC area was huge for me. I found a community where I could thrive in my passion for music, but also had to deal with the stress of a sudden culture shock and lifestyle change... not to mention the jetlag. There were days I would find myself in a pretty stormy mood. Then I poured a cup of decaf.


Hot Coffee is an hour long show for students looking to relate, relax, repair, and reinvigorate. In college it’s so easy to get caught up in the stress of classes and clubs that we forget to enjoy the simple things like radio and coffee. That’s why DJ Decaf is here to extend a reaching hand to help you get through the week in steamy, hot, frothy fashion. 

Menu including:

Aged Roast - Decaf digs deep in the coffee can to bring you a curated stream of oldies and classic songs of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, & 80’s.

Caffiene Buzz - Decaf pours out some of the scalding hottest electronic dance tracks of late and the last decade. 

Le brew chique - Decaf brews up the hippest and freshest tracks of the modern and experimental jazz scene.

Shared coffee - Decaf brings on USC musicians & artists for interviews, fun, and a cup o’ joe.

Decaf & Detox - A segment dedicated to stress prevention, health, substance abuse prevention, exercise, recipes, veganism and vegetarianism, sleep, mental health, and general lifestyle tips. Interviews from representatives of the Clover Vegan Club, the Green Ribbon Club, and USC Fitness Centers. 

The Spill - Comedy & current events.

Cold Brew by Dj Decaf

dedicated to my barista.

without you

I’m a cold brew

bitter, black, tasteless goo.

when you’re around,

I’ve always found,

my heart warms like hot coffee grounds.
Full of joy,

Full of vigor.

Full of cream,

Full of sugar.

Maybe one day you’ll think of me,

and you too’ll feel the warmth of roasting coffee beans.

Til then,

without you,

I’m a cold brew,

Waiting patiently for something warm and new.

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