Playlist - End of the Night

Sure, party playlists are all the rage. We love a set of certified, danceable bops. But, what do you play when the party’s over?

That’s where this mix comes in. “end of the night” will put a cap on your evening with slow, soothing, and sometimes sad tracks. The transition from party mode to winding down is seamless, with “Drunk in LA” by Beach House and “Perfecto” by Mac Miller kicking off the mix. The playlist continues with tracks peppered with softly strummed guitar and confessional lyricism. To close out the evening, fall asleep to the philosophical preachings of Father John Misty, almost like a big-kid bedtime story.

I chose this selection of tracks because of their modernity — with the exception of Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence” — so that the mix could blend well with the tunes played at a contemporary kickback, house party, or romp around the town. Additionally, a handful of the songs are the last songs on their respective albums, so I figured they could top off the night as they top off their records.

Listen with friends on the way home or when you’re lazily getting ready to hop in bed. I hope this (meaningfully) sings you to sleep.

Fiona Pestana

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