Transviolet at The Echo


I've never had a more stellar Monday night in my entire life.

After a long day (and a 45 minute nap in my car before the show) I made my way over to The Echo on July 2nd for Transviolet’s last show. Not only was this the closing show of their first ever U.S. headline, but it was the group's homecoming show as well. I’ve been a fan of this band for about two years and had the chance to see them perform twice before. Both instances were incredible, the first truly left me frozen in place and utterly captivated. However, there was something about this occasion that was more distinct and even elevated.

There are very few artists whose performance genuinely changes the space and atmosphere of the venue, but Transviolet did just that. The members of this group have an obvious passion and love for the music they produce that translates to their stage presence. Small details added a level of depth to the artist's themselves as well as their production: the way eyes would close with certain notes sung, chords played, or individual shouts from the crowd. Pauses that the band held during songs left the audience on their toes, holding in a breath, waiting for more. Once that breath was released, the music seemed to almost possess members of the band, creating movements that represented a strong connection between them and the sound they have created. This environment communicated something that ignited every individual in the room, allowing fans to move with the music just as the performers did.

Often writing about feminist topics and issues, the band recently released their single, Bad Intentions, which they performed that night. Singing songs about topics that deserve to be noticed, Transviolet certainly creates a space in which they are the focus. The group definitely creates justice for these topics as their production is extremely powerful and impactful.

As always, Transviolet put on an amazing show. Til next time!

-- Nina Baker-Mason

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